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Flagrant by Alexandria House

Rating: 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

Polo and Kendra have been together since they were seventeen years old but Polo is out in these streets being a fuckboy cheating on Kendra every chance he gets. Kendra stays because she loved him and because he has protected her since he came into her life. But is the love they’ve shared for each other over a decade enough to keep them together. 

I was not at all expecting this emotional rollercoaster y’all. This book flips between the present and the past giving us insight on how Polo and Kendra’s teenage love progressed and I mean damn was it done perfectly. Kendra’s childhood had me in tears and I could definitely feel and understand her connection to Polo. 

Polo was a real fuckboy out here and I wasn’t fucking with him at first but as the story goes on I start to open up to the idea of them being back together. Polo was changing and knew he had to prove himself to get his woman back. Polo was not above begging and pleading for Kendra to come back home, at a point I started to feel so bad for him I was tearing up. I mean this man was on his knees begging her, he was so broken when Kendra left that man really did loved her. I liked how he worked through his issues and sought help to get his life in order to be a better man for Kendra. You can definitely tell he loved Kendra he just had fuckboy tenancies in his young age. 

This was fire, its been a while since I read through Alexandria’s catalog and I am so glad sis came with the heat. I can’t wait to see where this series goes. 

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