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To Her Rescue by Dria Andersen 

Celine’s grandfather died leaving the entire family inheritance to her but there is one stipulation, she must marry to get the inheritance. Being left with no other option to get his hands on his father in laws fortune Celine’s father is forcing her to marry so he puts the word…

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Ace Of Spades by Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé

Genre: Young Adult-Mystery/Suspense Chiamaka and Devon are the only two black students at Niveus Academy, a predominately white private high school. Chiamaka whose father is Irish and mother is Nigerian comes from a wealthy family while Devon comes from a single parent home where his mother works two and three…

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The Parker Sisters Series By Tay Mo’nae

This was an amazing series that gives us stories on Gianna, Aurora, and Sloane as they fall in love, forgive, grieve, give birth, and heal. I enjoyed each sisters stories but my favorite was Sloane’s her story just hit different. Gianna was the fun outspoken sister who lived her life…

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Drunk In Love by Tay Mo’nae

Ny’asia and Kazier spend one drunk night together in Vegas thinking they would go their separate ways in the morning, but come morning the news broke that Hip Hop star K-Don got married to an unknown woman. Ny’asia finds out she not only married K-Don but she is also pregnant…

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Kingston by M. Monique

Dating is hard for Tiffany Summers with two overprotective brothers who have been known to scare any man Tiffany brings around, so she vows that she wont date a man who cant handle her brothers. DEA Agent Kingston has always been committed to taking care of his grandmother, raising his…

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Blu by M. Monique

Blu has worked undercover for the FBI for several years but now as a retired agent he is working security and is asked to do a job that seems easy enough. Rap star Jacoba is in need of a long vacation after everything she has gone through over the last…

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Uncovering Love by M. Monique

Tragedy struck for Gianna Phillips three years ago bringing her seemingly perfect world crashing down months before she gave birth to her first child. To cope Gianna focuses on raising her son, her business, and her version of the truth from the night that changed her life. Seasoned Detective Grey…

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“Books are a form of political action.

Books are knowledge.

Books are reflection.

Books change your mind.”

— Toni Morrison

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