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Soul Ties by Skye Moon

Genre: Romance Iniko is the daughter of a notorious crime boss who has gotten anything money can buy. When her life is suddenly put in danger her father calls the one man he knows he can trust to protect her with his life, it just also happened to be the…

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Ten/Twenty by Skye Moon

Genre: Romance Brooke has had it rough over the last couple of months. After losing her mother her life goes on a downward spiral. Thinking she can handle things on her own she gets caught up in a life she wasn’t prepared for. After finally letting her brother Will help…

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Ignited by Skye Moon

Genre: Romance Novella Miesha and Will started off as a one nightstand that Miesha didn’t want to see again but Miesha couldn’t stay away so they agreed to keep it about sex and to walk away if feelings got involved. As they spent more time together they found themselves falling…

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“Books are a form of political action.

Books are knowledge.

Books are reflection.

Books change your mind.”

— Toni Morrison

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