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Charge It To The Game by Nai

Mahogany has taken over her fathers business with her god sister Tiffany and best friend Morae while her father is on lockdown. Being a woman in the game isn’t easy but its even harder when you are the boss. While Mahogany has the streets respect there is always going to…

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Demon’s Dream by Elle Kayson

Whew I have never not wanted a long book to end but after 747 pages I still want more. I really did not want this book to end, I slowed down when I got about 600 pages in because I realized it was coming to an end soon and I…

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Frisco: Welcome To The Woods by Bianca Xaviera

Since Yakima became dating age her detective father told her to stay away from men like Frisco Matisse. After her friend talks Yakima into going to a pool party that ends up getting raided Yakima finds herself sneaking into Frisco’s house. After Frisco catches Yakima in his house he makes…

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Clear Water by Nina

Pavati is dedicated to helping others, which shows in her career choice, being 22 fostering a teenager, and helping raise her friends baby brother.  But something is missing in Pavati’s life, she wants to know the brothers her mother and grandparents have been keeping her from her entire life. Pavati also…

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I Wanna Be Down By AshleyNicole

Super producer Dash has had his fair share of women and never realized there was something missing in his life, until he met Sesali. Sesali can’t deny that Dash is attractive but her best friend called dibs so Sesali does what she can to introduce the two, problem is Dash…

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A Winter Crest Christmas Ryan and Ruby by Shay Davis

Ryan was a recluse who hated the holidays especially Christmas. Ryan wants nothing more than to stay locked away in his apartment focusing on his business running into his neighbor and not being able to stop thinking about her was not in the plans. Ruby loves Christmas, it’s her favorite…

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Only For Tonight by Kimmie Ferrell

ARC Review Amara is in Vegas for a bachelorette weekend she will never forget. After breaking up with her ex she is determined to let loose and have a good time and Xander is determined to be that good time. From the moment he saw Amara he wanted her no…

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“Books are a form of political action.

Books are knowledge.

Books are reflection.

Books change your mind.”

— Toni Morrison

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