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A Winter Crest Christmas Ryan and Ruby by Shay Davis

Ryan was a recluse who hated the holidays especially Christmas. Ryan wants nothing more than to stay locked away in his apartment focusing on his business running into his neighbor and not being able to stop thinking about her was not in the plans. Ruby loves Christmas, it’s her favorite…

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Only For Tonight by Kimmie Ferrell

ARC Review Amara is in Vegas for a bachelorette weekend she will never forget. After breaking up with her ex she is determined to let loose and have a good time and Xander is determined to be that good time. From the moment he saw Amara he wanted her no…

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For Her Safety by Dria Andersen

ARC Review Silas’ focus for the last seven years was finding his daughter, finding a mate was the furthest thing from his mind. When Silas finally found his daughter he never expected to find a woman he couldn’t stop thinking about. Mila’s only focus was protecting her daughter for the…

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Take Me As I am by Bianca Xaviera

Avian received the shock of her life when her husband of thirteen years puts her out of their home and told her he was divorcing her. To help start a new chapter in her life Avian’s friend convinces her to still go on her trip to Mexico that she had…

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Feel Me In The Dark by Tucora Monique

Genre: Urban Romance Finley is a professional finesser but when some one in her small circle betrays her she is put in a life or death situation when arms dealer Preach get a hold of her. Luckily Preach is a good judge of character and decides not to kill Finley…

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Conflicted Heart by Kay Shanee

Twins Siyanna and Summer did everything together including falling in love with twin brothers Drae and Drue. Siyanna and Summer were even having their first child a month apart from each other, but tragedy struck when Siyanna’s sister and husband both die leaving Siyanna and Drue to not only mourn…

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“Books are a form of political action.

Books are knowledge.

Books are reflection.

Books change your mind.”

— Toni Morrison

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