Book Reviews

Take Me As I am by Bianca Xaviera

Avian received the shock of her life when her husband of thirteen years puts her out of their home and told her he was divorcing her. To help start a new chapter in her life Avian’s friend convinces her to still go on her trip to Mexico that she had planned for her and her […]

Feel Me In The Dark by Tucora Monique

Genre: Urban Romance Finley is a professional finesser but when some one in her small circle betrays her she is put in a life or death situation when arms dealer Preach get a hold of her. Luckily Preach is a good judge of character and decides not to kill Finley but instead let’s her go. […]

Conflicted Heart by Kay Shanee

Twins Siyanna and Summer did everything together including falling in love with twin brothers Drae and Drue. Siyanna and Summer were even having their first child a month apart from each other, but tragedy struck when Siyanna’s sister and husband both die leaving Siyanna and Drue to not only mourn the loss of their sibling […]

To Her Rescue by Dria Andersen 

Celine’s grandfather died leaving the entire family inheritance to her but there is one stipulation, she must marry to get the inheritance. Being left with no other option to get his hands on his father in laws fortune Celine’s father is forcing her to marry so he puts the word out. Mason’s father sees an […]

Ace Of Spades by Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé

Genre: Young Adult-Mystery/Suspense Chiamaka and Devon are the only two black students at Niveus Academy, a predominately white private high school. Chiamaka whose father is Irish and mother is Nigerian comes from a wealthy family while Devon comes from a single parent home where his mother works two and three jobs and still doesn’t make […]

Drunk In Love by Tay Mo’nae

Ny’asia and Kazier spend one drunk night together in Vegas thinking they would go their separate ways in the morning, but come morning the news broke that Hip Hop star K-Don got married to an unknown woman. Ny’asia finds out she not only married K-Don but she is also pregnant with his child. To protect […]

Kingston by M. Monique

Dating is hard for Tiffany Summers with two overprotective brothers who have been known to scare any man Tiffany brings around, so she vows that she wont date a man who cant handle her brothers. DEA Agent Kingston has always been committed to taking care of his grandmother, raising his brother, and his career. Falling […]

Blu by M. Monique

Blu has worked undercover for the FBI for several years but now as a retired agent he is working security and is asked to do a job that seems easy enough. Rap star Jacoba is in need of a long vacation after everything she has gone through over the last two years working a lot […]

Uncovering Love by M. Monique

Tragedy struck for Gianna Phillips three years ago bringing her seemingly perfect world crashing down months before she gave birth to her first child. To cope Gianna focuses on raising her son, her business, and her version of the truth from the night that changed her life. Seasoned Detective Grey Summers is captivated by the […]

Studio 79 by Shae Sanders

Castro is set to release her third album but after her second album flops and the label isn’t impressed with how the current album is coming along they call in Super Producer Romell “Danger” to work his magic like he did seven years ago. They have only 72 hours to get this album together or […]

Let’s Get Married by AshleyNicole

Growing up in Preto everyone is in everyone’s business so it’s no surprise that the entire town has been trying to push Maali and Zach together through the years causing Maali and Zach to intentionally avoid each other growing up. Now their biological clocks are ticking and since they aren’t getting any younger they come […]

His Peace Her Storm by Shanel

Genre: Romance African Princess Aurora life changes when her older sister Yara arranged marriage falls through due to her behavior so Aurora is forced to take her place and is sent to America to marry Landon to help secure their families future. Landon’s father is in a messed up position when he can’t pay his […]

Reel by Kennedy Ryan

Neevah is a broadway under study who finally gets her debut night. Canon is a Hollywood Director who is looking for the perfect actress for his new movie. When Neevah steps out on the stage for her debut night Canon knows instantly that he’s found the lead he has been looking for. The only problem […]

Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi

Genre: Historical Fiction/Family Saga Two sisters Effia and Esia are born in two different villages and two different tribes in Ghana. Effia is married off to an Englishman who is the current Governor at the Cape Coast Castle where stolen Africans are held captive before they are forced to board a slave ship to America. […]

Right As Reign by J.B. Vample

Genre: Friendship and Women Fiction Editing Supervisor Reign Price has always known the direction she wanted her life to go in. Her career is going great, she is in the process of purchasing a home, and has been with her current boyfriend for 6 years. It appears Reign has it all together, but Reign is […]

Only Gift I Need by K. Lashaun

Genre: Romance Three months before Christmas Alora went through a breakup with her boyfriend of two years! Kellen is Alora’s brother best friend that she had been crushin on for years but to her Kellen is off limits not only because of his connection to her brother but also because she has watched him rotate […]


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