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Soul Ties by Skye Moon

Genre: Romance Iniko is the daughter of a notorious crime boss who has gotten anything money can buy. When her life is suddenly put in danger her father calls the one man he knows he can trust to protect her with his life, it just also happened to be the one man who broke Iniko […]

Ten/Twenty by Skye Moon

Genre: Romance Brooke has had it rough over the last couple of months. After losing her mother her life goes on a downward spiral. Thinking she can handle things on her own she gets caught up in a life she wasn’t prepared for. After finally letting her brother Will help her get back on track […]

Ignited by Skye Moon

Genre: Romance Novella Miesha and Will started off as a one nightstand that Miesha didn’t want to see again but Miesha couldn’t stay away so they agreed to keep it about sex and to walk away if feelings got involved. As they spent more time together they found themselves falling for each other. Well damn […]

Ember by Skye Moon

Genre: Romance Novella Danica was in a car accident when a firefighter saved her life. Two years after her accident Danica experienced a loss that caused her to move back home where she runs into the man that saved her life and who she has been crushing on every since the accident. Keagan has been […]

Saving Ruby King by Catherine Adel West

Ruby’s mother is found murdered in their home leaving Ruby alone with her violent father. People in their community and church have known for years what Alice and Ruby have suffered through but no one helped. Ruby’s best friend Layla however is determined not to sit back and watch something happen to her friend because […]

August Wrap Up

August was a good reading month…I was able to read a couple different genres which has been my goal for a while now. I read a little romance, fantasy, women fiction, and mystery/thriller. Seven Days In June by Tia Williams This was one of my favorite romance reads so far this year, I was fully […]

Island Queen by Vanessa Riley

Dorothy (Dolly) Kirwan Thomas was born into slavery on the island of Montserrat to a slave mother and an Irish slave owning father. Dolly saved the money she earned from huckstering and was able to buy her families freedom from her Irish father. From there Dolly worked to build wealth and power for her family.  […]

Nobody But You Series by Bella Jay & Skye Moon

Series synoposis: Ivory and Eric are eloping and only inviting their close friends to Aruba for their wedding. Close friends include Ivory’s ex best friend Hadleigh who she invited in hopes of mending their friendship. Justin broke Hadleigh in college and wants nothing more than to fix what he broke so he can get the […]

The Killing Moon by N.K. Jemisin

Book 1 in the Dreamblood Duology The only law in Gujaareh is peace and the Gathers are the keepers of this peace. The magic in Gujaareh is harvested in four different ways, one of the ways is by the Gathers who are charged with harvesting the dream magic that is used to heal and soothe […]

Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams

After her boyfriend asked her to leave their apartment Queenie is lost and unsure what to do with herself. While she waits for their “break” to come to an end Queenie tries to get attention wherever she can. Her Jamaican British family don’t seem to hear or see what Queenie is going through so she […]

Seven Days In June by Tia Williams

Erotica writer Eva Mercy is a single mother living with a debilitating disease trying her best to navigate through life as normal as possible after all the trauma she has lived through. Shane Hall is an award winning novelist who has shied away from the limelight because of all his trauma. When Shane shows up […]

The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead

Cora was a slave on the Randall plantation when she was approached by Ceasar to runaway. Initially Cora declined, she had not thought about running away even though her mother ran without her and was never caught she didn’t think of it for herself. As changes start to happen on the plantation it puts Cora […]

July Wrap-up

I didn’t get much reading done in July since I was in vacation mode…I was in LA, Vegas, and Pittsburg then had to come home and catch up on the 200 work emails I missed while I was gone! I took several books with me but read none hell I hardly slept so I guess […]

Valentine’s Series by Skye Moon

If Only For One Night by Skye Moon  Chase is shy and conservative but after her recent break up his words “your boring” are haunting her causing her to agree to a night out with her cousin Akemi where she meet Malakai and has a one nightstand. Akemi went through a bad breakup years ago […]

June Wrap-up

As I was preparing to post my July wrap-up I realized I didn’t even post my June wrap-up. I have a pretty good June reading month, I was even able to squeeze in a few Caribbean books and a non-fiction book about Juneteenth. I also made a lot of progress in my Skye Moon catalog […]


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