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Not Your Forever by C. Monet

It’s raining here in Ohio and a perfect day to curl up on the couch and read. Read Not Your Forever by C. Monet this morning and this was such a good read! My plan was to read a couple chapters then do my Saturday cleaning but I could not put it down. The storyline caught my attention from the first page and held it the entire morning! Serenity was running from a broken heart and ran right into a small town country boy Jep! This was a quick read but I didn’t feel like it was rushed at all. C.Monet did a great job giving us the back story on Serenity and Jep while also keeping it short and sweet! This was my first time reading C.Monet so I’m looking forward to getting caught up on her catalog! If you like a good romance check Not Your Forever out you won’t be disappointed. Has anyone read about Serenity and Jep yet? If so what did you think?

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