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Give Me You by A.C. Taylor

Give Me You was my first read by A.C. Taylor and I will be adding her to my list of authors to go back and read her other projects from beginning to current. 

Synpopsis: Give Me You is about Nikki and Kaine who were best friends turned lovers. A.C. Taylor came through with the drama early… like the first page. Ms. Nikki is pregnant by her best friend when they should have only been messing around to help Nikki get over a break up with no strings attached and no catching feelings. Kaine was always labeled a fuckboy who never wanted to be committed to one woman until he got a taste of his best friend. Nikki and Kaine now have to figure out where they go after the accidental pregnancy. 

Review: I enjoyed this storyline but Nikki was driving me crazy at some points not admitting her feelings for Kaine! Kaine was such a good honest man I just kept thinking dang he is so sweet. He was proof that the right woman can get even the biggest playa to settle down. Kaine was out here breaking hearts for his Nikki! 

The storyline for the secondary characters was full of drama as well so I am curious to see how those relationships unfold (if there ends up being a second book for them). Overall this was a good read and I am looking forward to getting more into A.C. Taylor. 

If your in the mood for a good friends and lovers love story I suggest you check this one out, you won’t be disappointed! Happy Reading!!! 

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