Book Reviews

A Boss For The Holidays – Boss and Blessing by Patrice Balark and Dedra B.

Rating: 🖤🖤🖤🖤

Synopsis: Blessing and Melody are bestfriends who have both been cheated on and hurt by their first loves. Through one of their students they meet brothers Boss & Black who are heavy in the Chicago streets. While the best friends may have their reservations they cannot deny the attraction they have to the Bryant brothers, and they will each put anybody in their place to hold on to each other.

Opinion: I didnt see this as a holiday read so I was a little disappointed with that but it was still a good read. I absolutely loved Blessing and Melody’s friendship. Blessing was riding for her girl period, she even went against her cheating ass cousin for her bestie.

Arianna ( Boss’s Daughter) was a great part of the book. I loved her personality and how she kept it real. This little girl was too funny. I always enjoy books with cute kid characters. Arianna was the one who bought them all together and it was super cute. I enjoyed reading about Boss and Black letting go of their jump offs and falling in love. It was also good to read about their tight family dynamic with no drama.

Even though I had my heart set on a real holiday read I still enjoyed reading this book. The drama wasn’t overkill and there were several laughs throughout this book. Happy Reading Y’all!! 

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