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On Us by Nina

Rating: 🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤

Synopsis: Everyone told Avery Ky was no good for her but she went against everyone she loved to chase after a love she couldn’t be without. Despite her being young when they got together she thought they had to the perfect relationship until he started to show his true colors and Avery has to make some tough decisions. Lake has been the sole provider for his family since he was only seventeen and has never loved a woman until he finds himself developing a friendship with Avery. While they both try to hide their true feelings for one another the chemistry that exist between them keeps drawing them closer together no matter how much they try to fight it. In this series love will be found, relationships will be tested, and bonds will be broken but one thing remains the same family will always stand strong. 

Opinion: This series had me going through it. There was so much going on with the Porter family that I couldn’t put the series down. I saw good reviews about this series but was a little leery based on the Front Street Porter book because I found myself getting a little irritated with the repitition in that book but I am so glad I did not give up on the Porter Family. I wanted to dislike these brothers because they were reckless womanizers but the more I read and learned bout their childhood I couldn’t help but began to understand their actions.

Book one showed more of Lake than the prequel as that one focused mostly on Vant and Ivy. Lake is still the same mean Lake but Avery was able to break through his shell and develop a friendship with Lake. As they both try to hide their feelings they find themselves falling in love. After reading Front Street Porter and seeing Lake as this mean provider who doesn’t care about anyone but his brothers it was good to read about Lake letting his guard down and falling in love.

Avery was out here risking it all to be with Lake. I was glad to see her walk away from the abusive situation, I was nervous for her the entire time I was reading the book because I just knew it was gonna end badly for Avery. Then of course Nina had to leave us with a cliffhanger but thankfully I am late reading the book so book two is already out and I went right into it.

Book two showed us a little more of the other brothers Wreck, Sav, and Dem but Lake was still the primary focus. A bomb was dropped in book two about Ky and I honestly wasn’t expecting that bomb. Sav and Chi had me cracking up their relationship is like no other. I will say at this point all the brothers relationships are still so toxic. I hated reading about the abuse in both books but at the same time it was so relatable. These relationships are the hood love that’s not good for you because you really don’t know how to love each other correctly but you just can’t seem to let each other go either.

Lake and River are so adorable. Vant got on my nerves he stay sabotaging his own relationship over and over again. Poor Dem is fighting so hard to stay afloat it was always so heartbreaking reading his struggles with his mental health. I loved how Lake always did what was best for Dem no matter how much it hurt them all.

I knew there was something up with Mucci from the very beginning. I kept thinking why does she treat Lake the way she does. Based on the clues in the previous books I figured Mucci out at the end of Front Street Porter but when the full story came out in book three I was thinking damn Nina wrote the hell out of these books. The ending would have had me real mad if I had to wait on book three to come out.

Book three gives us the history on Hassan, all his baby mommas, and how he died. I never liked Mucci so when her full story came out I I felt no remorse for her karma. The Porter family went through it, I was glad they all finally got the help they needed and were finally able to have normal relationships. I cried real tears when Lake finally talked about his past trauma and confronted his mother.

I would have liked to see some growth with Wreck and a little more about his relationship with Gia but it didnt take away from me enjoying the book. Sav and Chi were funny as ever. Hearing her and Sav’s story was heartbreaking but when love overrules it overrules I guess. I am not sure I would have been able to tolerate what she went through but to each its own. They were cute in the end though and I am glad he owned up to his part in mistreating her. Vant, Vant, Vant he put me through it this entire series I wanted to punch him a time or two and was honesty happy Ivy wasn’t making it easy for him he deserved every bit of pain he felt.

Overall this was a great series that had me laughing, crying, hating the characters one minute and, feeling sorry for them the next. This series was worth every emotion.

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