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Nobody But You Series by Bella Jay & Skye Moon

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Series synoposis: Ivory and Eric are eloping and only inviting their close friends to Aruba for their wedding. Close friends include Ivory’s ex best friend Hadleigh who she invited in hopes of mending their friendship. Justin broke Hadleigh in college and wants nothing more than to fix what he broke so he can get the only woman he has ever loved back. Kash and Tiana are keeping a secret from their friends and family. As friendships are mended, old relationships get a second chance, and current relationships are broken as these best friends find a way to navigate through love and the drama that unfolds on their trip to Aruba and when they come home.

Book 1: Now why the hell did Bella Jay and Skye Moon play with my emotions like that. This novella was fire but I wasn’t prepared for the cliffhanger they left me with. I absolutely love the friendships in this book. One thing I have been enjoying the most about Skye Moon’s catalog is the friendships, the love stories are great but the friendships are even better, and the friendships in this novella are my favorite thus far. I loved how Ivory and Hadleigh friendship was broken and they had to put in work to get it back but then fell right back into their friendship like nothing ever happened. Hadleigh and Ivory were made to be friends and were exactly what each other needed.

I cant wait to see how Hadleigh and Justin’s relationship will play out because I can see now bro not giving up. Tiana worked my nerves and I can just see the drama that will unfold with her. Im really questioning lil sis intentions right now. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone but did we have to play with Eric and Ivory like that, I mean come on Bella Jay and Skye Moon. These ladies left me in my feelings and at 2:30 am I had to start book two because I needed answers.

Book 2: After the Aruba trip goes wrong Ivory is heartbroken and Eric is miserable and doing everything he can to get his woman back. Justin and Hadleigh find themselves rekindling their romance until Justin’s secrets start coming out causing Hadleigh to put her guard back up. Kash and Tiana find themselves getting closer but as Tiana wants more than Kash can give she has to make a decision to either take what she can get or move on.

Bella Jay and Skye Moon know they are wrong for yet another jaw dropping cliffhanger. They had me very eager to pick up book three, I needed to know how things would work out. Tiana was still getting on my nerves but I kind of understood where sis was coming from Kash needed to get his shit together and admit what he wanted. Justin was just out here omitting important details and Hadleigh wasn’t here for it but sis didn’t even let bro explain. Justin however wasn’t letting Hadleigh go again.

That dang on Eric, what the heck was bro thinking out here about to risk it all. I loved Ivory’s reaction when Eric’s full story came out. I was a fan of sis working to achieve her goals and loved the fact that she didn’t let Eric’s money or fame make her, she wanted her own career and was determined to work for it. This was definitely a good follow-up to the novella, it picked up right where book one left off.

Book 3: Y’all book two left me a little worried and book three picked up right where book two left off. Whew was there a lot of drama in this book…

Ivory and Eric are finally in a good place and Ivory is on her boss woman shit as she pursues her goals and navigates through the changes in her life.

Tiana had me concerned with her behavior in book two but sis did a 180 in book three. I enjoyed reading her character growth in this series. The way she dealt with Kash’s mom was so mature I was shocked. My boo Kash gave me a scare in book two but he was another one that had a lot of character growth. Kash had me laughing this entire series with his antics. Their growth as a couple was cute, they were my favorite couple and I was glad to see things work out for them. 

Hadleigh’s story got a little emotional, I felt bad for sis. Her response to her issue was so relatable it bought tears to my eyes. Poor Justin wanted so bad to help Hadleigh that he was driving himself crazy. This was a great example of how the lack of communication in a relationship can break everything a couple worked for and even ruin friendships. I was happy things worked out for them in the end.

This was a great series, I couldn’t put it down. Bella Jay & Skye Moon are great together, I wouldn’t mind more collaborations from these ladies. They are great writers separately so I should have known this would be amazing. I have read 90% of Skye Moons catalog at this point and one thing I have always loved about her books are the friendships, this was another book with extremely close friendships. These friends laughed together, partied together, cried together, and fought each other. I love honest fun friendships and thats exactly what this series brings along with the great love stories. I have only read one other Bella Jay book but I will definitely be checking her catalog out soon. Be prepared to read these books back to back because these ladies definitly hit us with cliffhangers.

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