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Soul Ties by Skye Moon

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Genre: Romance

Iniko is the daughter of a notorious crime boss who has gotten anything money can buy. When her life is suddenly put in danger her father calls the one man he knows he can trust to protect her with his life, it just also happened to be the one man who broke Iniko leaving her to believe she would never see him again. After a job goes wrong Kenyon was forced to retire but when he gets the one demand to come back home he gets pulled back into the life and woman he left behind.

Whew there was a lot going on in these 160 pages. I enjoyed the mystery behind who wanted to harm Iniko and I honestly didn’t even expect it to be who it was and I’m usually good at figuring that out early, so kudos to Skye for that unexpected mystery. I have thoroughly enjoyed the suspense romance vibe I have been getting in the last two books I have read.

Skye did a great job concealing Iniko and Kenyon’s true connection to each other until she wanted us to know because I also didn’t suspected that. Iniko was so stubborn, I was ready for sis to sit down and put her safety first so I was glad Kenyon got her right together.

I wanted more from Raleek and Shai, I felt like I didnt get enough of them and they were a little rushed! There were so many unanswered questions like where the hell is Iniko’s mother? Hopefully we get those answers and more of Raleek and Shai in The Ties That Bond. If I would have know there would be more I would of waited to read this book, fortunately there wasn’t a cliffhanger just left with a few questions.

I like the little update we got on Alexis and Noah from Wicked Christmas. This was a good read that was quick with a bit of suspense. I will definitely be on the lookout for The Ties That Bond and Casimir’s book if he ever settles down because bro was acting a fool in this book.

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