Home For Christmas By Brookelyn Mosley

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Genre: Romance

Jaleal is a NBA superstar who carries his team on his back and he’s one of the best on the court but his home life has suffered for it. Eva grew tired of her husband not being present in their marriage so she asked for a divorce. Now separated for 6 months all their son wants from Santa is for the three of them to spend Christmas together. Unable to deny their son his only gift request Jaleal and Eva agree to spend Christmas together. Eva isn’t a fan of the agreement but Jaleal sees this as his chance to come back home for good where he belongs. 

This was an adorable Christmas short that I truly enjoyed. Jaleal was so passionate about Eva and was willing to give her whatever she wanted but what he really wanted was his wife back. I felt Eva’s point of view in my soul sis was lonely in a whole marriage. Sometimes you gotta walk away and let them miss you for them to get it and Jaleal FINALLY got it. I also understood Jaleal’s point of view he wanted to give his wife and son everything but what they really wanted was him. J.R. was so dang on cute especially when he pulled out his little rules. His little personality had me cracking up.

This was my first Brookelyn Mosley read and it most certainly wont be my last. I have wanted to get into her work for a while now but got distracted with a long TBR. When I saw this short on a Christmas rec I knew this would be a good time to check out some of Brookelyn’s work. After now checking out her writing style I am definitely reading through her catalog at the top of the year because I need more. 

Categories: Romance

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