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A Winter Crest Christmas Ryan and Ruby by Shay Davis

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Ryan was a recluse who hated the holidays especially Christmas. Ryan wants nothing more than to stay locked away in his apartment focusing on his business running into his neighbor and not being able to stop thinking about her was not in the plans. Ruby loves Christmas, it’s her favorite time of the years so her cheery personality comes naturally for her which is why she is so bothered by her neighbors mean disposition. Ryan’s callousness isn’t the only reason why, he is fine, and she can’t get his mean ass of her mind. Ryan and Ruby keep running into each other and eventually their attraction to each other turns the hate into passion. 

Ryan was such a grinch and his mean ass did everything he could to fight his attraction to Ruby, but Ruby’s crazy ass was unphased sis just dialed up the crazy for Ryan. Ruby was very dramatic and had me laughing for majority of the book. Ryan and Ruby couldn’t have been more opposite, they bumped heads about everything. Ryan and Ruby’s back and forth was hilarious. If Shay Davis ever decides to give us an update novella on these crazy lovers I will be one of the first in line to download the book, I just loved them. I enjoyed the small glimpse into Ruby and her mother’s relationship they were so funny. 

Shay Davis successfully delivered a hilarious and steamy short Christmas romance that I thoroughly enjoyed. 

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