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At Dusk by AshleyNicole

Rating: 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

Since this is a suspense novel I am going to keep this ***SPOILER FREE*** as I do not want to ruin the ending for anyone. 

Synopsis: Harlan is a special agent with the FBI and is put on a case investigating the killer that killed someone close to him when he was in high school. While on the case Harlan meets Torrah who is the relative of the only surviver of the serial killer he is investigating. The serial killer was dormant for a few several years but has now returned leaving victims all over the place as Harlan rushs to figure out who this person is before there is another victim. While keeping Torrah’s and her family safe from the killer Harlan finds himself falling for Torrah.

Review: Listen AshleyNicole has done it again y’all! At Dusk grabbed my attention from the very first chapter. I am a big fan of Criminal Minds (have seen every episode several times) and this book reminded me so much of that show only with a cute love story to ease some of the suspense but it still had me on the edge the entire book.

I had a small feeling I knew who the killer was before it was revealed as Ashley left little clues here and there plus again I am a fan of serial killer type movies, shows, and books so I know how to look for some of those clues. When the killer was revealed and it was time for the confession I was in shock to hear the reasoning behind the murders. That confession was so good and believable it was scary, I actually couldn’t sleep after I finished reading this book at 2 am. I mean I am telling you this was some real Criminal Minds type stuff! 

I also enjoyed reading about Harlan and Torrah finding their way to love in the mist of the chaos of dealing with a serial killer on the loose. I was glad to see Harlan get his happy ending after he suffered so much loss. This was a really good read y’all!!!

I discovered AshleyNicole this year and have read all of her books to date. I think this book is definitely on the top 5 list of my favorite AshleyNicole books, although its hard to say that because I have not read an AshleyNicole book yet that I didn’t like. I know I said this already but this was a great story and the little clues left regarding the killer were great and kept me engaged throughout the entire book.

If you are in the mood for a suspense romance I highly recommend you check this book out! Happy Reading!!! 

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