Book Reviews

Faded Mirrors by B. Love

This way my first time reading a B. Love book and I can say she has gained a new reader. I read all 5 of the five year anniversary books which included all 3 Faded Mirror books and the 2 Love Is The Byline books.

Synopsis: Mira was a hood chick who only knew how to use men to get what she wanted until she met Smoke who she just couldnt seem to use no matter how bad things got for her. Smoke was a hood dude who ran the streets the way he wanted to run them and didn’t love until he laid eyes on the troubled Mira who he wanted to save. Their troubled past bought them together but also tore them apart until they could both learn to deal with their issues on their own.

Review: This was that urban romance I always love, the entire series was good. Mira was so messed up it was sad, but it was also good to see her growth with each book. By book three she was a different woman and I loved it. I loved her relationship with her siblings and was glad she finally got clean for herself and no one else. Smoke was a boss that demanded respect and I loved it (that’s always a weakness for me in urban romance books). Their chemistry way so intense. 

This series was full of drama that kept me turning the page like “OMG what is happening now?” I enjoyed this series! I will definitely be going through B. Loves catalog and reading all her books in 2021.

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