Book Reviews

Deep In His Love by B. Love

Rating: 🖤🖤🖤

Synopsis: This book is about the Gucci sisters Christian, Leigh, and Maria. They were only 3 of their father 26 kids who each had daddy issues due to him leaving them and those issues played out in their relationships. Christian and Nash were friends who tried to ignore the feelings they had for each other. Leigh and Ransom were lovers who played the friend game because Leigh had commitment issues. Maria and Jax played the typical “Chase game” Maria didnt want love but Jax wouldnt give up.

Opinion: The love stories were great. My favorite couple was Leigh and Ransom, that Ransom gave me those “Boss” vibes that I love in an urban romance. I enjoyed the other couples stories as well. The sisters were bosses in their own way and I was loving it. There was way to much drama in this book that you couldnt help but keep reading to find out what would happen next. 

Overall this was a good read, I do feel like there were some moments where I lost interest because I felt the story was just dragging on unnecessarily. I am curious to read about the other siblings so I will continue reading if there ends up being a series. 

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