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Unwrapping Your Love: The Gift by Monica Walters

Rating: 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

Synopsis: Presley went through a tough divorce and is trying to rebuild for herself and her son Cannon. She finds it hard to rebuild since she was a housewife who was left with nothing but a broken heart. All she wants is a better job to be able to provide for Cannon. She wasn’t thinking about love until Josiah came into her life. Josiah is a single father raising his son Oakley with a deadbeat baby momma, when he sees struggling Presley all he wants to do is help and protect her.

Opinion: Now this is what I call a good Christmas story. Presley and Josiah were hot. Their chemistry was amazing and their sons friendship really sealed the deal. This book started with the drama and had my full attention for a couple of hours. Monica did such a good job with making the characters relatable that I found myself even feeling sorry for Presley’s ex Mac and Josiah’s trifling baby Mamma Lindsey. Poor Mac thought he was gonna get his wife back but Presley wasn’t here for it. I was happy for Presley she really struggled and her story was so relatable as many woman go through this same struggle of getting back into the workforce after a divorce.

Great short Christmas read.

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