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On Sight by AshleyNicole

Rating: 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

Synopsis: Childhood neighbors Zenaida and Rook have hated each other all their lives and they have years of childish fights to prove it. Now they have both suffered a loss and have to find a way to be around each other for Christmas.

Opinion: I have never read an AshleyNicole book I haven’t enjoyed and this was no different. Zenaida and Rook are so childish its hilarious, their fights were so funny. I mean they went out of their way to torture each other over the years. Some of the things they did to each other I mean dang its a wonder they didnt kill each other when they were kids 🤣🤣. But when they called a truce for the day it was on then and all that hatred turned into mature sexual attraction quickly.

This was a quick and fun Christmas read. Ashley left me wanting more of Rook and Zenaida though! I can just see them bickering and play fighting their way into a marriage and a baby! Great read I enjoyed this new release!

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