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Say My F*cking Name by Jessica N. Watkins

Rating: 🖤🖤🖤

Synopsis: Harmony was always the romantic person who wanted to get married on the most romantic day of the year (Valentines Day) but when she finds out the truth about her fiancé on their wedding day she loses hope on ever finding love again. Dallas had the perfect life until tragedy struck and he lost the people he loved the most and his loyalty to his best friend cost him more than what the friendship was worth. Caine is a grimly street dude through and through and doesn’t care who he has to cross to get on top. Jocelyn has been lied to and cheated on for years and never left but that saying about a woman being fed up is true. Dallas and Harmony both have wounded hearts but fight to be together. Jocelyn is finally fed up with Caine but wants to find love again.

Opinion: I will be honest I was drawn to this book based off the cover because I mean look at it. There was so much drama in this book OMG. Poor Harmony got her heart broken on her wedding day but from the brief history it sounds like she would have been settling anyway. I was glad to see that her struggle to accept Dallas’s secrets was relatable and not a cliche “oh its okay baby I understand” response.

Dallas story tugged at my heart strings, I felt for him he was dealt a bad hand and I was rooting for him. I am a sucker for a damaged man with potential. I enjoyed his redemption story and how he got himself together after doing time even though his situation could have taken him back to the streets. I hated how loyal he was to Caine’s grimy ass. No matter what messed up situation Caine put him in he had his back. I was so happy he finally saw him for who he was. Caine got his karma in the end and I did not feel for him at all.

Jocelyn ass was getting on my nerves, I was so over her until she finally got fed up and stood on her own to walk away from Caine. I mean she just let Caine make her look like a fool. I get her reasonings for wanting to stay but enough was enough. Her story was very relatable, as I am sure most people know at least one woman who stays and puts up with things she should never have to deal with all for the sake of love and family.

This was a good read but I almost didn’t get through it because there were so many grammatical errors, which is why I had to knock of a heart because I really wanted to give it 4 hearts. I kept thinking why is the word “had” in almost every other sentence, it got to be a bit annoying at times. I pushed through because the storyline was good but I am kind of leery to check out her other books. I listened to When My Soul Met a Thug and don’t remember that many errors but it could also be because it was an audible book. I may check out more of Jessica Watkins catalog eventually.

This book is listed as an erotica but I honestly didn’t see it as an erotica. Say my fucking name was probably only said like twice in the book, the sex scenes were good but his book was mostly about the drama and while the drama was good it was not an erotica in my mind so I was a little disappointed about that as well. But give it a read and let me know what you think.

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