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Midnight By Skye Moon

Rating: 🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤

This was the second book in the Brighton Bay Series with Baby It’s Cold Outside being the first. Rachel (Tierney’s best friend) was scared of love and had the idea that she would never find it. Playboy Jax (Niklaus brother) saw Rachel for the first time and knew she was it for him but after Rachel left him wanting more he refused to settle and go back to his playboy ways.

When I read Baby It’s Cold Outside I said I thought Rachel and Jax would be perfect together based on their personalities so I was hoping it would happen even though in that book they hadn’t met yet. Now the story I envisioned was nothing like the story Skye gave us, of course it was much better. 

Whew!!! Rachel and Jax chemistry was so hot, I mean from that first encounter I was like damn okay. I totally didn’t expect this storyline but man was it good. Jax personality was similar to Niklaus which I thought was sexy. They were confident, went after what they wanted, and a little aggressive when they needed to be but Jax was impatient. He was not feeling the take it slow game Rachel wanted to play but Niklaus got him right in the end. 

Rachel had never been in a relationship herself and she was scared to be in one after watching her cousin Corey play women to the left since she could remember. But in the end Corey gave her some great advice that allowed her to see she was passing false judgement on every man because of him. Rachel’s relationship with Corey was like brother and sister reminding me of my overbearing cousins. I hope we get a Corey book cause he was giving me all types of vibes. This was a cute story that I was not expecting at all but then again that is what I like about Skye so far she doesn’t give you the expected plot she switches it up on you.

Skye Moon has officially been added to my 2021 authors TBR list. I will be reading her catalog from beginning to current once I finish Nicole Falls catalog. I enjoy Skye’s writing style. 

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