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Smash Into You By AshleyNicole

Rating: 🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤

Smash Into You was about Rook and Zenaida who have always hated each other but during Christmas and in the mist of them both grieving the death of Rook’s grandfather and Zenaida’s family neighbor they find themselves enjoying each other in bed (this was in the On Sight Book, so I suggest you read that first – link to review below). Now that they have slept together they find it hard to walk away from the good sex no matter how many times Zenaida says it’s the last time neither of them believe it. Their hatred for each other causes them to want to stay away but you know what they say about a thin line between love and hate right.

This was such a funny read. Not only are Zenaida and Rook hilarious but so are Zenaida’s friends and parents. This picked right back up from Rook and Zenaida’s fling at Christmas in On Sight. I was hoping there would be a part two for them because they were too cute, I just knew they would fight and argue their way into a relationship and sure enough they did. I like how Rook put his foot down when necessary and Zenaida would fall right in line (see needed it). I wasn’t expecting the climax but I was so here for it and her families response was hilarious, I was laying in bed reading trying so hard not to wake up my husband it was so funny. Of course it would end in them having to deal with how bad they were as kids fighting each other and now someone else fighting them.

There was minimal drama, most of the drama came from the neighbor who would walk her ass in Rook’s house and eat up all his food. I kept thinking to myself there is no way I would let my neighbor freeload off me like that I wouldn’t be able to do it. I wasn’t shocked at all about her hidden motives. I always like when AshleyNicole manages to weave the other couples into the stories. Inalia was something else I am hoping she gets a story so we can get an update on who the muscle man is in this story, is he a Mason? I need to know..

AshleyNicole came through again with a feel good funny story but whether it’s a serious read or a funny story sis never disappoints. I honestly can’t even tell you whether I prefer her serious reads or her funny reads because I just love them all. This was a feel good story with a super cute and funny ending.

Link to previous book On Sight ~ I suggest you read this Christmas short first ~

On Sight by AshleyNicole

Rating: 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 Synopsis: Childhood neighbors Zenaida and Rook have hated each other all their lives and they have years of childish fights to prove it. Now they have both suffered a loss and have to find a way to be around each other for Christmas. Opinion: I have never read an AshleyNicole book I haven’t…

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