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Last First Kiss by Nicole Falls

Rating: 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

Celista is spending her life taking care of her sick mother with no time for a personal life and love. Kirk has recently gained custody of his niece after his brother and sister in law died suddenly in an accident leaving him little to no time for a personal relationship either. Celista and Kirk’s best friends are getting married and they are tasked with helping with the planning forcing them to make time for a personal life.

Nicole is really good at incorporating comedy in her books. I laughed throughout this entire read, and it wasn’t just one character that was funny it was everyone. Kirk’s niece Ciel was my favorite part of this story of course outside of the love story. Ciel was so cute and when she got to talking she didn’t stop. Even when she wasn’t talking she was something else. Her story line was so touching, when she talked about her feelings I had to hold back my tears it was so emotional. I felt so bad for that baby.

I loved how Celista and Kirk’s relationship developed, it wasn’t just love at first site but a natural progression and Celista relationship with Ciel helped bring them closer. I enjoyed reading about the secondary characters relationship progression as well. This was a fun, drama free, but slightly emotional read.

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