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Inn Love by Bailey West

Rating: 🖤🖤🖤🖤

Book three in Lessons In Love series

Charlene returns home to Ragston Michigan after she goes through a divorce from her husband of 10 years to restart her life. Wesley has to sit this season out due to a surgery so he goes home to Ragson to recover. When they were in college Wes broke Charli’s heart but the love they shared never died. Now that they are both back home they can’t seem to escape the feelings they have been holding onto for all these years.

This book was so sweet. I like how the book started with an introduction to how Emerson, Charlene, and Roxanna friendship started, it bought all three books togethers. I loved how Charli wasn’t letting her divorce break her she was just picking up the broken pieces and moving along. Charli’s grandmother Honey had me hollering she was cutting up and I loved it.

Poor Wes was being manipulated and taken advantage of because of his talent but he was still so humble and laid back. He was not going to lose Charli again, he was so determined to get his girl back. I just kept thinking OMG he is so sweet. I like how he helped Charli without stepping on her toes or using his money or influence to get Charli what she wanted he let her do her thing without getting involved.

This was my first Bailey West book and I really enjoyed her writing style so I will definitely be adding her to my author TBR so I can read her catalog. This was also my first collaborative series and at first I was unsure how it would go but this was great. I like the concept of three best friends who drifted apart and are reunited when they go back home. I like how each best friends story was written by a different author giving completely different writing styles while keeping a consistent story. The scenes that overlapped in each book flowed giving us each woman’s side of the story. I enjoyed this collaborative series.

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Road To Love by Nicole Falls

Rating: 🖤🖤🖤 Lessons In Love Series Emerson was going through a rough patch in LA so she decided to take some time off work and go home to Ragston Michigan for a few weeks. Emerson hit the road to drive the 36 hours home where she met Roosevelt who was on his own road trip…

Acting On Love by Té Russ

Rating: 🖤🖤🖤🖤 Book two in Lessons In Love series Actress Roxanna (Rocki) is going through a scandal and needs some time away so her head of security convinces her to go home to Ragston Michigan for a while to get away. Only problem is her mom wants to set her up while she is home…

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