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Switched At Bid by Nicole Falls

Rating: 🖤🖤🖤🖤

Childhood friends Alecia and Maurice had a fling but due to miscommunication it abruptly came to an end. Now they are in a weird space not really friends but not enemies either. They have a mutual connection, Maurice’s twin sister is also Alecia’s best friend so they can never just not deal with each other, but neither of then really want that anyway.

Nicole is the novella queen, she has mastered giving you a short but complete story. There is always comedy and the secondary characters are just as great as the main characters. 

I loved Lecia and Monica’s friendship, there were boundaries but at the same time there were non lol. Mo was bussing in houses whenever she wanted and I loved it, reminded me of my best friend and I before I moved to another state. Alecia needed that friend that got you right every time and Mo was definitely that.

Maurice and Alecia were cute and a prime example of how miscommunication can end a good thing. Maurice was so patient and only showed how he really felt when Alecia was ready. I was very interested in the secondary couple Monica and Ty as well, I feel like I have some questions that need answers for them so I wold definitely read a book about them if Nicole ever wrote one. 

This was a quick read, with comedy, friendship, and a cute love story.

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