Book Reviews

A Natural Transition by Nicole Falls

Rating: 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

Nyema was living her best life in her chosen career as a DJ and sleeping with men with no strings. Langston is a young professional accountant who only wants one woman his mentors daughter Nyema only problem is Nyema seems to hate him. Eventually Nyema drops her shield for a brief second causing Langston to notice so he takes that as his opportunity to go after what he wants. 

For some reason I just love an enemies to lovers story, their chemistry is always hot and Langston and Nyema were no different. Langston was such a gentleman, I loved how he was perceived as this lame dude but the moment someone underestimated him he showed them just how wrong they were. Nyema was a boss chick who lived by her own rules and I loved that. She wasn’t who anyone wanted her to be, she was just herself with no shame. 

This was a quick read that kept me engaged from the very first chapter. It was a cute love story and as always Nicole throws her comedy in making it a fun read. I am excited to get to the next read, we got a tiny glimpse of Niko and Jayde’s introduction to each other and it seems like their union will be hot. Again I say Nicole Falls never disappoints. 

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