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Shots Not Taken by Nicole Falls

Rating: 🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤

Book 1 in the Nymphs and Trojans series

Well I lied yall…when I said in my Road to Love post that I preferred Nicole’s Novellas, she still is the novella Queen but this book right here has me ready for the next longer read by Nicole. This book pulled me in before I even started reading it, when I was reading Natural Transition and read about Jayde and Niko’s chemistry I was ready to get to this one and I was not disappointed at all.

Jayde is a singer having a hard time getting signed to do the music she loves, country music. Since she is fighting so hard for her career she has no time for a love life, she just likes to get her physical needs met and move on but then her friend Nyema introduces her to Nikolas and all that one night em goes out the window. Nikolas is focused on his career, his backup plan/second childhood dream, and bringing his team a championship but when he meets Jayde he see’s not only a potential mate but also someone who can assist him in achieving his second career goals. 

After reading the attractions between Jayde and Nikolas I was looking forward to this read and I was not disappointed.  I loved Jayde’s work ethic, she went hard for her career and she wasn’t going to let anyone deter her or try to direct her path. Gotta love a woman with that much passion and who won’t back down or sellout for anything sis was a boss.

Nikolas, Nikolas, Nikolas…listen I love me a man that can sing and I understood how Jayde felt when she heard him since because in my vision of that scene I wouldn’t have been able to resist him either lol. I like how Nikolas wasn’t only focused on basketball and was planning to fulfill his other dream. I could just imagine Jayde and Nikolas getting their Tamia and Eric Benet on.

This was a super cute read. 

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