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One Last Shot by Alexandra Warren

Rating: 🖤🖤🖤🖤

Book two in Nymphs and Trojans series

Selena is focused on her career and brining home her team a championship this season, DeAndre needed a second chance after ruining his career and being banned from the league, and his new coaching job in the WNBA is that second chance. Neither Selena nor DeAndre expected to find love while chasing their dreams.

I enjoy a good second change story, I really liked DeAndre’s storyline and how he bounced back from losing everything he had. From Shots Not Taken I just knew Kage would end up with Selena, then when I read the synopsis I was slightly disappointed he wouldn’t. But after reading about Selena’s connection with Dre I was with the twist Alexandra threw in their on us, I loved how Dre supported and motivated Selena. I enjoyed Selena’s perspective on being a woman in basketball, it made me do a little research on the WNBA. I found myself watching videos on Ty Youngs IG of her hitting shorts behind the arc and imaging Selena killing it. I’m not a basketball girl so it opened my eyes to something different.

I read Alexandras first series Attractions & Distractions and enjoyed it for the most part but the fade to black sex scene were a bit dull and kind of turned me off from her writing however it definitely seems her sex scene writing has grown since then so I was happy to see that and will be checking out her other reads now.

Nymphs and Trojans Book One Review

Shots Not Taken by Nicole Falls

Rating: 🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤 Book 1 in the Nymphs and Trojans series Well I lied yall…when I said in my Road to Love post that I preferred Nicole’s Novellas, she still is the novella Queen but this book right here has me ready for the next longer read by Nicole. This book pulled me…

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