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You’re The One I Want by AshleyNicole

Rating: 🖤🖤🖤🖤.5

Inalia has wanted a Mason for a while, in Irilins book My Souls Reflection all she talked about was getting one of them fine Mason men for the night. In her best friend Zenaidas story Smash Into You she was at it again with her infatuation for a Mason. It wasn’t until she met Myair that she determined any Mason just wouldn’t do it had to be him. After saving her from almost drowning she went on the hunt for the nameless faceless Mason, then she heard his voice at a party and knew it was him she wanted.

I honestly thought I would get tired of the Mason family after a while because I have read sibling series with 5 and more books with repetitive storylines and I finally stopped reading them but AshleyNicole Mason family series is not at all like that. I love this Mason family and its beginning to be a little difficult to determine who my favorite Mason man is but Myair is definitely in the top 3.

Myair played no game with his heart, family, or his woman. If you’ve been keeping up with the series we know all the Mason’s have a tight bond especially the siblings and the cousins born in the same year but Myairs bond with his brothers is my favorite. I love how they bicker and fight constantly in a loving sibling bond kind of way that no one else can do. Blink is hilarious in this book. Myair parents give me life, their love for each other is everything and Simeon Sr, don’t play about his wife y’all.

I expected Inalia and all her shenanigans because we got them in My Souls Reflection and Smash Into You and she did not disappoint in this book either. I love her relationship with Zenaida.

Myair and Inalia were great together and Myair was not playing with Inalia in the bed y’all, he had ol girl doing things she told him she would never do but I get it cause Myair was that dude period!!

This was a fun quick read and just what I needed after the serious read I finished before this one.

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