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Someone Seeking Someone Else by Nicole Falls

Rating: 🖤🖤🖤.5

After going on a horrible date Kailene decided to put an ad out in her magazine seeking a man to connect with. Rux was featured in his home towns magazine which just so happen to be the same magazine Kailene put her ad in and couldn’t help but respond to Kai.

This was another cute story, I always love how Nicole Falls puts cute kids in her stories. Rux was a single father raising a daughter who had a lot of personality and I just loved little Low Low. Rux was a big football type of guy and I was here for it. I did however feel like Kai and Rux chemistry was a little more toned down than I am used to in a Nicole Falls book. Usually I can feel the chemistry coming off the pages but I didn’t feel that this book. There was also a lack of sex scenes so there was no sexual chemistry at all. When I read a romance I want the hot sex scenes and usually Nicole gives us that but she didnt this time. I mean not at all, the kisses weren’t even panty wetting kisses. So while it was a good storyline I needed more chemistry.

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