Book Reviews

In Money We Trust by Charae Lewis

Rating: 🖤🖤🖤🖤

Money was a born leader who was trained by her grandmother at a young age to take over the family empire, her only rules were to never fall in love and only women could work for the empire. Money was good with the rules her grandmother left her with until she met Kenzo. Kenzo was the heir to his fathers casino. The casino and his sister were Kenzo’s main priority when he moved back to town until he laid eyes on Money.

Listen I wasn’t really feeling Money all that tough unless she was around Kenzo in the beginning sis was bitter as hell. I did not like the way she treated her father in book one and she was rude as hell to everyone. Now the more I read I understood why she treated her mom and aunt the way she did but damn sis still got on my nerves until book two when she started getting reality checks. There was a lot of character growth for Money from book one to book two and while I didn’t like her in the beginning I liked reading about her growth and I slowly begin to like her.

Kenzo on the other hand I loved. He was literally the only one who didn’t bow down to Money. I loved his forcefulness with Money because sis needed it. For some reason I knew who set him up from the moment he said he was set up so when it came out in book two I wasn’t really shocked. My heart broke for Kenzo when he talked about his childhood, it was so sad but I love how he was able to overcome his trauma!

Kenzo was perfect for Money, he bought out her feminine side which is when I started liking her. I was glad they were able to get past their issues because Money definitely needed love it made her a better person. 

I was gifted this series and this was my first Charae Lewis read. I enjoyed her writing style there was just a little too much treachery for me, I mean dang most of the secondary characters were treacherous. Overall though I still enjoyed the series and will check out Charae Lewis catalog when I am in the mood for some good urban fiction. 

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