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Infatuation With That Hood Love: Forbidden Heart Series by Skye Moon

Rating: 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

The West family – Elijah, Josiah, Isaiah, and Naomi’s bond is tight and will let nothing come between them until things start to unravel and secrets start coming out and their bond is tested. Meanwhile all the siblings find themselves fighting for their relationships. 

There are four books in this series: Infatuated With That Hood Love 1 – 3 and A West Family Wedding

Book 1: Y’all this dang on West family had me all in their drama. I could not put this book down, from the very first page I was all in. That dang on Josiah and his baby mama pulled me in right away. I was really rooting for him to get a win because that BM had that poor man so unhappy. I am very interested to see how things end up with him and his crackhead BM in book 2. 

Isaiah is such a hot head I just know he will keep me on my toes this series. He is so intense and wasn’t ashamed of it at all. I can’t wait to read more about his shenanigans, I just know he is going to act a fool over Kaydence. 

Elijah seems like the leveled headed of the men, Im rooting for him and his BM Slim who doesn’t seem to be paying him much attention.

Naomi out here dating the enemy and gonna start a damn war over Khi ass. 

It was so much going on with these siblings but I like that it wasn’t all over the place. Sometimes when a book is written with so many point of views it gets confusing and sloppy but this wasn’t. Skye kept each siblings POV in their own unique voice and their storylines flowed. I feel like I would have known whose chapter I was reading even if there was no chapter heading just based off each persons personality as each of their personalities stood out very well from the others. The cliffhanger though like dang Skye left me with my mouth wide open, like wait what’s going on. I am so glad I have book 2 and can jump right on in. 

Book 2: Listen all these twist Skye been giving us in this series has me not wanting to put this book down. The West family just can’t catch a break. Papa West got me feeling some type of way with all his secrets meanwhile his family is in danger because of him. 

I knew Kaydence was going to have a tragic past but damn it was so sad, I was in tears when she told her story and when she finally talked to Slim about about everything it was such a touching sister moment. Elijah out here being a fuck boy pissing me off. I felt everything Slim was going through when she went off on his ass. I really like how Naomi is speaking up for herself and showing she is more than just their spoiled sister. Khi and Isaiah are crazy as hell and for some reason I was so here for it lol. 

Skye and these dang on cliffhangers. I am learning early on not to read sis series until they have all been released because I don’t do the waiting very well. 

Book 3: The West family are back at it with the drama but this book they are trying to find out who is behind the setups and figure out their fathers secret. Elijah wants Slim back so bad but sis was not about to give in to him so easily after all he put her through but she still could not truly let that man go. I had no idea what to expect from this Josiah, Dakota, and Ember situation but I was glad Josiah chose wisely. When the full story came out I did feel sorry for Dakota and how she was set up but her actions after the fact caused her to be on the wrong side of the family. Poor Ember got caught in the crossfire for loving a man with a crazy baby mama.

Isaiah was the same old bold Isaiah but I love how protection and caring he was with Kaydence sis needed it after she experienced the childhood she experienced. It was good to see how the family finally embraced Khiari and Naomi, Isaiah was getting on my nerves the way he treated his twin but he finally got his act together which was good to see. If the book would have ended right here I think this would have been a good ending but I am glad Skye gave us a followup in book 4. 

Book 4: This was a followup that I enjoyed reading. There was not a lot of drama and things are looking up for the West family and all the couples. Kaydence and Isaiah had a little trouble but their bond was too strong to let their issues last too long. Isaiah is still crazy as hell but I could see the growth in him from book 1 to this final book. 

Slim and Elijah were doing well now but Slim had her reservations on marriage and Elijah was not playing with her, he was like your either going to marry me or I am moving on, he was not with her putting the wedding off. I thought it was so cute the way he acted about the wedding. Ember and Josiah are on track and loving their little family, I was glad things were looking good for Ember she was going through it for this man. We didn’t get a lot of Naomi and Khi in this book and I was a little disappointed by that but things seem to be drama free on their end as well. Overall this was a great ending to the series. I loved the drama in this series and Skye kept me engaged through the entire series which I loved. 

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