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Riskin’ It All For His Love by Skye Moon


Lorenzo, Syrani, and Khiari grew up together as best friends and are now running the streets together. Khiari makes a decision that could potentially put all their lives in danger and tests their brotherhood. Roslyn wants nothing more than to hold onto her man and will do anything to keep him even if it means she has to lie and scheme. Meanwhile Lorenzo and Syrani find themselves falling for best friends Eden and Sian.

First off Roslyn ass had me yelling at her throughout the entire book, I mean homegirl was going way to far to keep Lorenzo but at times I did feel bad for her because you could see she was battling some mental issues and by the end I really felt for her but you can’t force a man to love you.

I loved the brotherhood and sisterhood in this book. Khiari fucked up and while his boys didn’t like the choices he made they got how they felt out, fought, and moved past it. Khiari fucked up and owned up to it he wasn’t to prideful to apologize to his friends and I liked that. Eden and Sian’s sisterhood was tight. They kept it real with each other no matter how hard it was for the other to hear. These ladies did not play about each other.

Lawd these relationships had so much drama. Eden and Lorenzo were literally fighting to be together even though neither of their families agreed. Eden was rockin with Lorenzo, I mean sis was not letting anything get in her way not even her own father. Syrani and Sian were so stubborn, they made things difficult when it shouldn’t of been but they were still cute tho. I was glad to get more of Khiari because he wasn’t in the last West Family book so I was wondering how things were going for him after he took over the West Family territory. I loved him and Naomi’s relationship and glad to see him and Isaiah were on good terms as well in this book.

There were so many twists in the storylines. There were a lot of main characters each giving us their POV but it was a pretty smooth transition through each chapter I didn’t feel confused at all. I am really enjoying Skye’s catalog.

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