Book Reviews

The Heart Of A Savage by Skye Moon

Rating: 🖤🖤🖤🖤

Kendall is a spoiled rich kid whose life may seem perfect on the outside but on the inside Kendall is lonely. Her mother only cares about appearances and her mother and father are having marital issues. When she meets Zion she sees that same loneliness in him that she feels and they instantly connect. Zion however uses women to distract him from the guilt and pain he feels from losing someone he loved. But when Kendall came along he starts feeling things he has never felt before only the guilt is too heavy for him to move on with Kendall. Raquel is living her best life according to her own rules the only thing she is missing is a companion. Raquel considered rekindling a relationship with her ex until Brehon comes home causing old feelings to resurface. Brehon is a former dope boy who is just being released from prison and determined not to go back to the streets. His best friend Zion brings hims into the racing world where he has to work with Raquel making it hard to ignore the feelings he can’t seem to shake. 

That dang on Raquel and Brehon were getting on my nerves with their back and forth. I mean dang they made it harder than it had to be for them to be together. They were stubborn as hell but fate had other plans for those stubborn lovers. It was cute how Brehon still looked out for Raquel even when she was pissed at him. What I didn’t like about their storyline was Brehon using old girl to move on from Raquel when he really couldn’t move on, poor Mikiairi but then again she knew what she was getting into. 

Kendall and Zion had me in my feelings, I felt so bad for them both. Kendall was so lonely it made me sad. I loved her character development from the shy naive girl to the the who took up for herself. I loved her storyline with her sisters and how they willingly accepted her, even though it was a little shaky with Slim at first. Zion broke my heart as well, poor boy was carrying around so much guilt and hurt that he really didn’t care about is own life. Him playing with Sia’s emotions rubbed me the wrong way but I understood where he was coming from. I was glad he worked through his issues and him and Kendall worked it out.

I am really enjoying Skye Moon’s catalog so far, I am finding it hard to put her books down. 

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