Book Reviews

& Then There Was You by Tay Mo’nae

Rating: 🖤🖤🖤🖤.5

Law school student Sevyn is barely making ends meet and finds herself behind on all her bills. When she gets an eviction notice on her door she has no idea what she is going to do next. Until she is offered a proposal from her neighbor to have a threesome with her and her boyfriend for his birthday. Brittlyn and Nasir have an open relationship and often bring other women into their bed, but after Nasir experiences Sevyn he can’t seem to let her go. Meanwhile Linnea comes back in contact with her high school sweetheart Brycen and they realize under all their pain is still a lot of love for each other.

So based on the synopsis I expected there would be a lot of drama and man was I right. I mean there was so much going on in this book I just couldn’t put it down. I loved Sevyn she was so determined to stay focused on her law degree and to make it on her own. I mean sis had a rich best friend and wouldn’t take any hangouts even from her. Sevyn worked her ass off and didn’t let anyone distract her from her goals. No matter how she felt about Nasir she was determined not to sleep with him while he had a girlfriend.

Nasir was making me mad at times, it took bruh to long to break it off with Brittlyn but even still I loved his bad boy swag. He was not letting Sevyn go no matter what. I love how caring he was with her even right down to her eating.

I felt like there was so much more to Brycen so I cant wait to get more of his story in book two. I am interested to see where Linnea and Brycen’s story goes after her controlling ass daddy dropped that bomb.

Book two was a great conclusion to Nasir & Seyvn, Linnea & Brycen and Deasia’s story. I loved the character development in this series. Nasir way a totally different man from the Nasir in book one. He was so committed to Sevyn and it was so cute. Sevyn was still a bit naive but she was definitely a different woman in this book, I was happy she finally got the family she

was missing. Her and Nasir relationship development was great as well. They couldn’t seem to let each other go even when Sevyn tried so hard to put her foot down and not be with him Nasir was not going.

Poor Brycen was hurting so much in this book and was making all the wrong decisions. I felt so bad for poor Kendra but when a man tells you something believe him. Sis pushed too hard when she knew he couldn’t love her like she needed and got her heart broke in the end. I love that he got reality checks and went to seek help to let go of his pain. Linnea and her daddy got on my nerves I was so glad when sis finally stood up to her parents. Brycen and Linnea had the perfect ending to their damagedrelationship. Loved Deasia and Jaheem although I would have loved a little more on them they were cute though.

This was such an engaging read, book one left off with a cliffhanger so I was glad I was able to jump right into book two cause ya girl is very impatient. Tay Mo’nae is a new to me author that I am really loving and I will definitely be reading through her catalog sometime soon. 

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