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Power by Bella Jay

Rating: 🖤🖤🖤🖤

Book two in the Urban Fairytale Series (collaboration with Skye Moon)

Jolee is next in line to take over her families empire and while she wants her father to loosen his grip on her she wants to prove to her father she can handle herself and not get distracted. Then Amere comes into her life and suddenly she’s considering going against her father to be with him. Amere is struggling to take care of himself and his brother so he steals to get by. When he robs the wrong person he is suddenly forced into a life he doesn’t want to be in but at the same time will financially benefit him and his brother. There’s only one thing…he is now working for the women he is pursing father and her father made it clear his daughter is off limits. But Amere can’t seem to let Jolee go even though he knows the danger she comes with. Jareem wants the empire he thinks he deserves and will stop at nothing to get it.

Whew there was a lot going on but I enjoyed this urban fairytale retelling of Aladdin. Jareem was ruthless just like Jafar and I mean he went through a lot to get that Sultan title. Bella Jay did a good job with Jareem’s character, Ol boy was cold as hell and I didn’t really like him but there was a moment when I felt so bad for him that I had tears in my eyes. The issues he was having with his daughter showed a softer side of him and let you connect a little with his character but then you went back to not liking him right after.

I enjoyed Amere and Jolee’s character development and love story. Amere’s struggle was so relatable and real. I was glad when things started to look up for him. Jolee was so naive in the beginning so when she finally opened her eyes to see what was really going on I was like girl finally. Jolee and Amere were so cute, it was that early twenties childish type of love and it was cute to read about. 

I really enjoyed the Aladdin urban retelling. I didn’t know how I would feel about it at first but it was super cute. There was a lot of drama that I enjoy in an urban fiction. This was my first Bella Jay read and I did enjoy it so I will add sis to my author TBR. I also can’t wait to see what more Skye Moon and Bella Jay do with these urban fairytale retellings. 

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