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Art Of Falling Series by Skye Moon

Book 1: The Art of Falling

Rating: 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

To get away from his troubled past Shameek moves to Virginia to start over and focus on his career. Meek wasn’t worried about love but then he crosses paths with Kiyanne and cant seem to get her off his mind. Kiyanne is dealing with memories from her past and just wants to paint the pain away. She wasn’t looking for love but when she met her neighbor Shameek she felt comfortable to let her guard down and let him in.

Listen this Skye Moon catalog just gets better and better. This was such a good start to the series. Kiyanne’s story broke my heart. Im a sucker for a damage character and Kiyanne is definitely struggling with trauma so I couldn’t wait to see how things work out for her in this series. Meek and Kiy’s banter back and forth was so cute and had me chuckling every time they were together.

Shameek was so intense it was adorable. Gotta love a man who protects and accepts his woman with no judgement. I loved his reaction to Kiyanne’s past. Why Skye leave us with that cliffhanger though? This is a reminder of why I don’t read series until all the books are out because I have got to find out more about Kiyanne and Meeks mutual connection.

Book 2: The Art of Falling For A Dope Boy

Rating: 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

Gabriella finally got what she’s wanted since she was a kid only she never imagined she would be yearning for a man that couldn’t fully commit to her. Hendric has always known Gabriella wanted him but he stayed away because of his lifestyle. Eventually he couldn’t stay away from her any longer and their situationship caused him to develop feelings he wasn’t used to having for a woman. But as Hendric predicted his lifestyle gets in the way.

That dang on Hendric was something else. I knew from book one he would be a handful and man was he that and some. Hendric was go aggressive and jealous that it was cute and doing too much at the same time. When Hendric finally lets himself fall in love with Gabriella he is gonna fall so hard and be a totally different man I can already see it. Gabriella was a boss and I loved it, sis did not back down to Hendric and it was so good to read. Sis playing with fire with this Maurice guy and I cant wait to see how that triangle plays out. 

Kiyanne and Shameek are going strong. More of Kiyanne’s childhood trauma comes out and it just breaks your heart. Kinane also faces her brother in this book. I am interested to learn more about his trauma. Just like in book one Shameek is so attentive and protective of Kiy and I am loving it.

We get a new character Cersi who is Hendric little sister. Cersi is a spoiled brat who worked my nerves, so I am curious to see where her storyline goes. Typical Skye left us with another cliffhanger that made me eager to start book three.

Book 3: The Art of Falling For A Dope Boy 2

Rating: 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

This book picked right back up where book two left off and man was there a lot going on. We find out how Hendric is set up although we know who did it we find out why and how, but our boy Hendric was too smart for the setup. I was definitely rooting for him and Gabriella but sis wasn’t going for his BS anymore. Of course Skye always throws in a twist so it wasn’t to shocking to find out Maurice connection to Hendric’s enemy.

I did not like Gabriels girl Erickah from the moment she came into the picture and it just got worse. How the hell you jealous of your brothers sister. I mean she wasn’t even really looking out for Gabriel she really only cared about herself, and it made me hate her character. I kept forgetting Gabriel was white which threw me off some times. Kiyanne and Shameek were good Until Erickah got her messy ass involved so I am curious to see how that situation plays out.

Finally there is Cersei, I couldn’t stand her in book two but I actually felt really bad for her this book. Sis is really struggling now and the ending was so heartbreaking. I think Sevin is going to be good for her so I am hoping Cersi makes it through her issues.

So of course in classic Skye Moon fashion there is a cliffhanger. So be prepared to go right into the next book.

Book 4: The Art of Falling For A Dope Boy 3

Rating: 🖤🖤🖤🖤.5

Book four picked up where book three left off. In the beginning of this series I couldn’t stand Cersi but I slowly came around and began to like her. She went through so much in book three that I felt bad for her but I am glad she made it through and is getting her life together in book four. Sevin’s ass knows he was wrong about not being honest with Cersi about his situation. Im definitely interested to see where that goes and how she forgives him. I love that Sevin was all about his son.

That damn Erickah pissed me off so bad, Im ready for her ass to go away. I was so glad when Gabriel FINALLY saw her for who she was, sis was selfish and evil as hell. One thing I didn’t like is that Gabriel is white but said the N word multiple times in this book. I mean due to his swag I had to keep reminding myself that he was a white boy but when the N word was used it made me cringe every time, I didn’t like that.

That dang on Hendric is so intense.I was glad Gabby didn’t just fall back into old habits with him after he rescued her. Sis put her foot down and baby or no baby she wasn’t taking his shit. I was happy they finally got their happy ending.

While this book didn’t have a cliffhanger it was obvious it was incomplete because things with Sevin and Cersei were unknown and Lauren and Gabe were in this weird best friend space. So I couldn’t wait to see how Skye ends this series.

Book 5: The Art Of Taming A Wild Heart 

Rating: 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

This was such a good ending to a good series I loved Cersei’s growth in this series. She went from being an immature, spoiled, wild child with no ambition to being a grown woman with her own business. I loved how loving, patient, and encouraging Sevin was with Cersei. I couldn’t wait for her damn fiancé to go away.

I said this many times but I couldn’t stand Erickah in this series and while I think she got everything she deserved I did feel bad for her in this book. I still think her motives were messed up but she was trying to do better and make amends. I actually wouldn’t mind her getting her happily ever after now that she has sat in her karma for a little while. 

Lauren’s back story was go heartbreaking, it has me in tears. I was eager to learn more about Lauren but didn’t imagine the trauma that Skye gave us. It was so sad but good at the same time. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Gabriel but respected him for getting away from his racist parents. Him and Lauren’s friendship to lovers was cute. I enjoyed their character and relationship development in this series.

This was also a nice ending to Shameek and Kiyanne’s story as well. Although Meek was taking his time manning up and giving Kiyanne the commitment she needed I was glad he finally did.

I really enjoyed this series and I am really enjoying Skye’s catalog. I had to take a break to wait for the books in the mail and was slick mad I had to wait. It’s been a while since I have wanted to read straight through an authors catalog without feeling the need to take a break and read something different.

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