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Allure Of You Series by Skye Moon

Book 1: The Allure Of You Novella 

Rating: 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

To escape the issues in their everyday lives best friends Rayna and Harmony and Zahir and Remington travel to Mexico for a best friends get away. The airbnb they are renting is double booked forcing the strangers to stay together for 7 days.

Harmony and Remington were something else, I mean all they did was argue from the moment they laid eyes on each other. However all that arguing didn’t stop their attraction to each other which made for good entertainment and a few laughs. I enjoyed their back and forth and look forward to getting more of them.

Rayna and Zahir were too cute. Their connection was moving at a slower pace than Harmony and Remi because they both have a past they were scared to disclose but when it all comes out things aren’t looking too good for them. I look forward to seeing how they work through their issues.

This was a quick read and was a good introduction to the couples stories. 

Book 2: The Allure Of You: Harmony and Remington 

Rating: 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

After leaving Mexico now knowing Remington’s secret Harmony wants to put the week they spent together behind her and never see Remi again. As fate would have it Remi and Harmony cross paths again but this time Remi doesn’t want to let her go without a fight.

This book was so good, I loved Remi and Harmony together. Harmony was so feisty  and didn’t play but then Remi would get her right together every time. I loved their bickering. Harmony’s issues with her family was touching but I loved the way Remi wouldn’t back down from telling her the truth even when she didn’t want to hear it. I really wanted more on her and her sister developing a relationship but maybe I will get a follow up in Reyna’s book. Remington tried so hard to put his feelings aside and do for his selfish ass daddy. I was so glad when he finally chose himself. Remington’s daddy deserved everything coming his way.

I felt bad for Alicia, this poor girl just needed to be loved. Every time her dad spoke to her it bought tears to my eyes it was so heartbreaking. I really hope we get a little novella or something on sis, I would love to see her get her happy ending.

Book 3: Allure Of You: Rayna and Zahir

Rating: 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

After finding out Rayna wasn’t being honest about her relationship status Zahir wants nothing to do with Rayna. After Zahir tells Rayna about his past and her full truth comes out she thinks its best to leave the connection they had in Mexico. But when the two plot together to get Remi and Harmony back together they realize they cant just walk away from each other.

This was a great ending to the Allure Of You series. Rayna and Zahir were so good together. I love how supportive they were of each other. Rayna was rebuilding her life as she was going through a divorce from her controlling cheating ex who wouldn’t let go. Her ex was crazy as hell, I was slick happy when he finally realized Rayna wasn’t taking him back because buddy was horrible. I loved Rayna’s character development. She went from being afraid of her ex and not being able to confront him to standing up to him. Sis business was booming and she was able to finally find her happiness.

Zahir way such an amazing person and I just loved the way he cared, loved, and protected the people he loves. Zahir was not playing any games behind Rayna. His backstory was amazing and I loved how he wanted to help and save everyone.

Aside from the love stories the best part of this series is the friendships. Harmony and Rayna had me laughing so hard at their shenanigans. Harmony did not play at all about Rayna, and while Rayna was more reserved when it came to Harmony she turned up when necessary. I loved their sisterhood, they fought together, kept it real with each other, and interfered in each other’s lives when necessary. Zahir and Remington’s brotherhood was just as strong. These brother’s did anything for each other and were right by each others side when needed. Their back and forth had me laughing every time.

This was definitely a great series that I enjoyed reading. 

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