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Valentine’s Series by Skye Moon

If Only For One Night by Skye Moon 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Chase is shy and conservative but after her recent break up his words “your boring” are haunting her causing her to agree to a night out with her cousin Akemi where she meet Malakai and has a one nightstand. Akemi went through a bad breakup years ago causing her to put a guard up with every man she encounters especially Andrico. While Akemi is feeling Rico she cant trust him with her heart because she sees him flirting and messing around with other women.

Poor Chase was so heartbroken and old boy just strung her along, but sis did need a little excitement in her life and Malakai was just that. I mean damn the way he controlled her in the bed was borderline sexy and a little too controlling but it was what Chase needed and was turned on by. Even though I thought “oh no this might be a little to much control” at one point but I couldn’t deny that it was hot at the same time. Akemi wants to give in to Rico so bad but she just couldn’t let her guard all the way down, she gave bruh one night and went right back to being guarded.

This was a great prelude for the next book Love Me Gently. I see a lot of growth in Skye Moon’s writing. Her sex scenes have definitely grown from two pages to intense panty wetting sex scenes.

Love Me Gently by Skye Moon

Rating: 5 out of 5.

After their one night on Valentine’s day Malakai is determined to get Chase but Chase is determined to forget about the night she made an impulsive decision. Problem is Malakai isnt letting Chase get away this time. After Rico cuts Akemi off he moves on with a new woman. Akemi is determined not to let Rico moving on affect her but fate wont allow Rico or Akemi to let each other go for too long.

I loved me some Malakai with his controlling ass, he was so perfect for Chase. I enjoyed Chase’s character development, she went from a shy insecure woman to this woman that expressed what she wanted and stood up for herself. Malakai was so good for Chase and Chase helped Malakai let go of some of his control and his childhood trauma he was holding onto.

Rico played so many games he worked my nerves and poor Akemi just wanted to try to move on from him but good ol fate brings them back together. Akemi was good for Rico and even though he played a few games I was rooting for them, and ready for the games to end.

I really enjoyed this series it was probably the hottest reads I have read by Skye Moon so far and I thoroughly enjoyed it

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