Book Reviews

When The Time Is Wright by Renee A. Moses

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Genre: Romance

Tanji moved back home with her parents after going through a divorce due to an unfortunate situation Tanji didn’t know existed and that she had no control over. Not only did the divorce leave Tanji heartbroken but also mentally damaged. Due to what Tangi sees as failures Tanji wants nothing to do with a relationship, she just wants to focus on her business. Tavier is ready to find his wife and settle down. When he sees Tanji has moved back home and is now single Tavier knows in his heart Tangi is the answer to his prayers.

Tanji was so broken it brought tears to my eyes, her ex husband really did a number on her. I found myself wishing that karma would hit Antonio’s ass after the way he treated Tanji. Tavier was amazing, he was determined to make Tanji his. I loved his response when Tangi told him the reason for her divorce, I don’t know how sis didn’t jump on him after that. Tavier was also determined to help build Tanji’s self esteem back up regardless to how she saw herself he saw the best in her and didn’t care about what she perceived as her failures, he wanted her and there was nothing that was going to change that. While there were very sad moments in this book there where also very funny moments. Tavier and his mama had me laughing through the entire book. Tavier and Tanji had a very playful relationship that also helped balance the heavy topic. This was my first Renee A. Moses read and it definitely will not be my last! I will be reading through her catalog at the top of the year, I really enjoyed her writing style.

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