Gravity by AshleyNicole

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Genre: Romance

For five years Cevyn and Kas have been on again off again friends with benefits and their arrangement has worked out well for them. Even though they have floated in and out of each others lives they have always found their way right back to each other. They have managed to keep their personal lives away from each other until things get to heavy for Cevyn and she finds herself needing some sort of peace in her life and Kas becomes that peace.

Whew chile I forgot how much an AshleyNicole book can make me cry. I mean I was in tears reading most of this book. Everything Cevyn and her sister went through broke my heart, I found myself wishing that Cevyn was my friend so I could love on her, that’s just how invested in the book I was. Kas was amazing that man literally loved Cevyn back to life. Little Kas was such a cutie, and his story line tugged at my heart strings also. Kas was such a loving father, I loved how AshleyNicole wrote this father son bond, they were so loving and had no problem showing their affection. 

AshleyNicole has a way of pulling me into the storyline that I almost don’t care about the romance part because I’m so invested in the other part of the characters lives. The romance is like an added bonus to the story for me. I think this is why her books are so relatable, she gives us real raw stories that make you feel. I loved the little family unit Cevyn and Kas built in this book. There are very sensitive topics in this book but AshleyNicole does give us a content warning so be prepared for the tough content. AshleyNicole never fails me which is why she is one of my faves. 

CW: suicide, domestic violence, child abuse, and mental illness

Categories: Romance

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