Book Reviews

Right As Reign by J.B. Vample

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Genre: Friendship and Women Fiction

Editing Supervisor Reign Price has always known the direction she wanted her life to go in. Her career is going great, she is in the process of purchasing a home, and has been with her current boyfriend for 6 years. It appears Reign has it all together, but Reign is great at suppressing her feelings. No one knows that deep down Reign is struggling because she always says “Im fine”. As her relationship starts crumbling she tries to suppress her feelings but a betrayal forces Reign to deal with those emotions she’s gotten good at suppressing. As Reign deals with this betrayal she finds herself getting closer to her best friends older

brother Chase Williams. As Chase is leaving his own dead end relationship he realizes being closer to Reign is what he actually wants. As Reign and Chase’s feelings start to resurface Reign is faced with a dilemma and has to decide if she should be honest about how she feels or let her fear put her at risk of losing the best thing that has ever happened to her.

Whew there was so much going on in this book that I had to pull out the wine while I was reading. Poor Reign was going through it. I felt so bad for her but was glad she was forced to deal with some very toxic relationships that needed to end. I saw the betrayal a mile away and found myself yelling at Reign “like girl why don’t you see this”. Chase was such a great guy, you could tell he wasn’t fully committed to his ex but was all in with Reign. Chase was so caring, attentive, and romantic with Reign and I loved it. I enjoyed the growth with Reign, Chase, and even Ava.

I found myself getting frustrated with Reign and the way she suppressed her feelings but as I read her interactions with her dad I understood why she was the way she was. She definitely had the most growth and had a lot she had to work through. I enjoyed Reign and Ava’ a friendship! Ava kept me laughing at her antics, but what I loved the most was her honesty with Reign! Ava genuinely cared about Reign and knew her issues with showing her feelings so she continued to try to pull those feelings out until Reign finally let her all the way in! I also liked Reign and Chase’s relationship with their families.

I was a little leery by the length of the book considering the genre but it turned out to be an easy read because it was mostly dialogue vs long descriptive paragraphs. I would have liked to of read more of Reigns journal entries but this didn’t take away from the story just may of given me more insight on Reign’s feelings and how her mind worked. While I enjoyed some of the followup on the secondary characters I did feel at times they were getting to much of my attention and I just wanted them to be out of the picture.

This was a good friendship and women fiction read with a slow burn romance feel. There were several funny moments, a few emotional moments, best friends keeping it real with each other, a warm and fuzzy friends to lovers romance, and lots of drama.

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