Act Like You Mean It by Shae Sanders

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Genre: Romance

Actor August has some work to do on his image, his primary fan base is black women but the problem is he has only ever dated white women so his fans aren’t pleased. August publicist convinces him the only way to fix his image is by fake dating a black woman, which is how fate brings him to Xandra. Xandra is a socialite who knows all to well how an image is important to a celebrities career. Having done the fake dating thing before Xandra agrees to the job with August. Neither of them expected to develop feelings for each other and because acting is what they do best they try to hide the growing feeling they have but when its love its hard to hide. 

I haven’t read a lot of the fake dating trope but I really enjoyed this storyline. In the beginning I was like oh hell no August black ass don’t date black women, I didn’t like his ass from the first page. I almost put the book down because I was like oh if he is about to be one of those black men who don’t like black women we have a problem, but as I continued to read I softened a little. August was so sweet and considerate of Xandra during the entire process that I couldn’t help but like him in the end. Xandra genuinely cared for August and was there for him in his time of need doing more than what the job required her to do. I loved how confident Xandra was, sis didn’t care what anyone thought about her but when necessary she stood up for herself. I also enjoyed their playfulness it was too cute how Xandra used August’ pet peeve to tease him. 

This was a slow burn but when things heated up it heated up honey. I didn’t mind the slow burn at all because it built the foundation of their relationship and built on their chemistry which was obvious from the first time they met. 

Categories: Romance

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