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Reel by Kennedy Ryan

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Neevah is a broadway under study who finally gets her debut night. Canon is a Hollywood Director who is looking for the perfect actress for his new movie. When Neevah steps out on the stage for her debut night Canon knows instantly that he’s found the lead he has been looking for. The only problem is Canon is very much attracted to Neevah but after his last situation with an actress he vowed never to mix business with pleasure again. Little did Canon know Neevah would not only become the leading lady in his movie but she would shift his perspective on life and have him changing his priorities around. 

This was a beautiful forbidden love story that will pull you in from the first page, make you feel every emotion, and stick with you long after you have finished reading it. What I loved about this book was Neevah and Canon’s chemistry, I felt like it was dripping from the page. This book started out light with funny moments then got so heavy that I had tears in my eyes. At one point Kennedy Ryan had the tears streaming down my face like I was the one watching my family member in pain. I love when I connect to a book and it pulls different emotions out of me.

Canon was this arrogant jerk that gave everyone a hard time but when Neevah wormed her way into his heart he turned out to be this romantic, funny, lovable man. Neevah dealt with a lot on her own but needed people to help her through the rough times and Canon gave her that. The unconditional love was evident in not only Canon and Neevah’s relationship but with friends and family as well. Neevah nor Canon were perfect and their friends and family didn’t always agree with their decisions but they supported them every step of the way. The way Canon fought for Neevah even before she became his woman had me looking at my husband sideways like if you can’t fight for me like that I don’t want you bro lol. It was so admirable the way he fought for her and thought about her feelings and career every step of the way and wouldn’t let anyone tell him any differently, bro wanted what he wanted and I couldn’t help but love his character for that. 

I could tell Kennedy Ryan took her time to thoroughly research for this book. I enjoyed how she intertwined historical facts into the story. I loved how Kennedy Ryan portrayed Black Hollywood and the passion behind bringing Black stories to the big screen. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this book it was such a poetic love story.

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