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The Parker Sisters Series By Tay Mo’nae

This was an amazing series that gives us stories on Gianna, Aurora, and Sloane as they fall in love, forgive, grieve, give birth, and heal. I enjoyed each sisters stories but my favorite was Sloane’s her story just hit different. Gianna was the fun outspoken sister who lived her life and didn’t care what others thought of her. I really loved her outspoken personality, sis held nothing back but she was also the baby so she was very spoiled and got on my nerves sometimes. Aurora was the middle sister who was also outspoken but with more tact than Gianna, Aurora was also more independent than the other sisters. Sloane is the oldest and the only married sister. Sloane was the caregiver and peacemaker of the family. I loved their sisterhood and how they were always honest with each and supported each other, when one sister needed to get their act together the other two were there to vocalize their issue and push each other to be their best. In this series we deal with their mother having cancer and her death from each sisters perspective and from different stages, the diagnosis, her death, and after her death. While it was emotional to read about their mothers death three times I liked how Tay Mo’nae gave us three different reactions and I appreciated not having to read through the same stage of her death over and over! There were also light moments so it did balance out the emotional parts.

CW: Death, Depression, and Postpartum

The Parker Sisters: Gianna

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The youngest Parker sister Gianna isn’t afraid to let her hair down and have a little fun, a night out with her best friend brings Gianna in contact with Xavier when she literally saves his life after being shot. Gianna and Xavier don’t know each other but she knows she cannot leave Xavier alone in the hospital and Xavier knows there is something about the woman that saved his life that he has to know more about.

What a way to start a series. Gianna and Xavier were everything. I loved how Gianna was the one to save Xaviers life and she was also the possessive one of their relationship, I was so here for it, sis played no games and Xavier loved it. While Xavier changed his life around he still had ties to the streets and would get his hands dirty if necessary. Xavier was also quite the charmer and had the Parker women loving him. Gianna was so spoiled but Xavier knew just how to handle her possessive and spoiled side. This was a cute love story and a great way to start the series. I hope we get something from Naja and Dre, they seem like they would be an interesting read. 

The Parker Sisters: Aurora

Rating: 5 out of 5.

After Zion broke Aurora’s heart in college she vowed to never give her heart to another man who didn’t deserve her. For years Aurora buried the pain Zion left her with but when Zion shows back up seven years later Aurora cant help but feel hurt all over again, and wants nothing to do with Zion, Zion on the other hand has other plans for them and is on a mission to get Aurora to hear his side so he can get his woman back.

Aurora was so hurt by Zion’s betrayal that she couldn’t even hear him out when she walked away and I didn’t blame her until Zion’s truth came out and I was thinking girl you could of saved yourself seven years of heartbreak had you just listened to that man. Zion was a man on a mission though and when his truth came out I was a little shocked, whew beware of a jealous, hatin’ ass woman. Nina deserved to get her ass beat for the stunt she pulled. Poor Aurora was so damaged by Nina’s betrayal she couldn’t even let her best friend in. I was glad Aurora got the truth she needed to move forward with Zion, that man worshipped her flaws and all and he wasn’t giving up on them. Aurora did have to let down her guard so she could let Zion back in and love on her like she needed. 

The Parker Sisters: Sloane

Rating: 5 out of 5.

As the oldest of the Parker sisters Sloane has always had it together, she married the love of her life right out of college and they are now having their first child, but when her mother dies from her battle with Cancer Sloane is now a new mother without the guidance she always thought she would have and the pain becomes unbearable. Jace will do anything for his family, now a new father he is juggling the needs of his new baby while also trying to bring is wife out of the depression she has been in for months. 

This was such an emotional read on so many levels. One dealing with the loss of a parent at the same time as brining a new life into the world and needing their guidance but not having it. Two the postpartum Sloane felt after having Brayleigh was just raw and I loved it. I have never dealt with these feelings before but Tay Mo’nae made me feel every emotion Sloane felt when it came to her struggles after giving birth. Jace…whew what a hell of a man, Jace loved Sloane through every since emotion she felt, he was patient and willing to do whatever it took to help his wife. I loved his vulnerability and being able to admit his own feelings. The way he loved on little Brayleigh in the absence of her mother was the cutest thing. Sloane’s in laws were so patient and understand of Sloane and Jace’s situation. I loved how his mom stepped up to help Sloane. Sloane’s relationship with her dad was so touching. Finally, the sisterly bond was phenomenal, while I thought Gianna was a little to harsh at times her and Aurora were there to help Sloan get better. While no one truly understood what Sloane was going through there was no judgement just everyone working together to care for Brayleigh and get Sloan out of depression. 

I was in tears while reading this book it was amazing, it was pure emotional perfection that displayed the power of sisterhood, a strong and supportive family dynamic, the patience and love of a good man, and the strength of a woman…I loved every single part of it. 

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