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St. Louis Cyclones Series by Alexandria House

In this three book series we get three sexy men who all play for the St. Louis Cyclones Basketball team. I enjoyed each book in this series but my favorite book was Technical with Drayveon and Stevie, there love story just hit different for me. I loved how real, raw, and vulnerable all the characters were in this series. I enjoyed the team dynamic Alexandria House wrote in each of these books, they supported each other on and off the court. There were of course some trouble makers but for the most part the team stuck together. Each love story is completely difference and unique which is something I look for in a series. It had been a while since I read though Alexandria’s catalog so I was happy when the books in this series started coming out because Alexandria always delivers.


Release Date: April 14, 2021

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Polo and Kendra have been together since they were seventeen years old but Polo is out in these streets being a fuckboy cheating on Kendra every chance he gets. Kendra stays because she loves him and because he has protected her since he came into her life. But is the love they’ve shared for each other over a decade enough to keep them together. 

I was not at all expecting this emotional rollercoaster y’all. This book flips between the present and the past giving us insight on how Polo and Kendra’s teenage love progressed and I mean damn was it done perfectly. Kendra’s childhood had me in tears and I could definitely feel and understand her connection to Polo. 

Polo was a real fuckboy out here and I wasn’t fucking with him at first but as the story goes on I start to open up to the idea of them being back together. Polo was changing and knew he had to prove himself to get his woman back. Polo was not above begging and pleading for Kendra to come back home, at a point I started to feel so bad for him I was tearing up. I mean this man was on his knees begging her, he was so broken when Kendra left that man really did love her. I liked how he worked through his issues and sought help to get his life in order to be a better man for Kendra. You can definitely tell he loved Kendra he just had fuckboy tenancies in his young age. 


Release Date: November 27, 2021

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Basketball star Drayveon Walker has it all, an amazing career two championship rings, money, and and endless supply of women. There is nothing more that he wants, or so he thought until Stevie October makes a delivery to his home now he cant get this woman off his mind, she makes him want everything he didnt know he ever wanted. Stevie just wants to get her life back to the way it was she wasnt looking for love but as Drayveon shows her how a woman should be treated and loved she cant see her life without him.

I had no idea what to expect from this book but what Alexandria gave us was her usual amazing storytelling that kept me fully engaged. I should know by now never to start and Alexandria House book late at night on a work day because I literally cant ever put her books down. 

Stevie was so cute, I loved her sweet personality, her determination, and the way she needed help but never asked Drayveon for anything. The way Drayveon instantly took care of Stevie was touching. He gave her everything she needed and wanted an literally wanted nothing from her but to be in her presence. Drayveon took no shit when it came to Stevie and I was here for it. The way he loved on her baby was the cutest thing, and the way Stevie wanted to do for him was admirable. 

One thing I love about Alexandria House is the way she pulls me to emotionally connect with the characters. I had tears in my eyes as Stevie and Drayveon opened up to each other about their past. They were literally what each other needed to bring peace into their lives. Drayveon was such a giving man, the way he looked out for his family was admirable, even when they didn’t do right by him he still did right by them. 

This was an amazing love at first sight story. It wasn’t cheesy and fully of cliches.


Release Date: March 31, 2022

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Armand Daniels is known as a troubled NBA player who gets traded from teams because he cant stop fighting so its no surprise when Armand is traded to the St. Louis Cyclones. Model Ella McClain needs her own space but in order to move away from her father Big South she has to live close to family so she decided St. Louis would be a good move for her, she will be close to her Uncle Leland McClain and get a fresh start. Being in St. Louis and having a connection to the McClain family puts Armand and Ella in each other’s paths. 

When I heard that Armand and Ella would be the next couple I was a little leery because I mean its Armand, I didn’t care for his character in Let Me Free You but I knew Alexandria House would deliver because that’s what sis does. Of course most of us didn’t like Armand in his mothers book due to his explosive behavior, but it was nice to get his side of the story and I was glad Alexandria dug into his trauma and how it lead him to be the way he was, its honestly what made me began to like him as a character. All Armand really needed was to be loved for who he was and he truly did desire to be a different person. I loved seeing the vulnerable side of Armand, his relationship with his mom was so touching, their interactions bought tears to my eyes because Kim really just wanted her son in her life, Alexandria did a great job of making me feel that but I did want a little more time spent on this, yes Armand apologized but I would of liked to of seen a more in-depth conversation on how Kim’s choices affected him and vice versa. Armand and his siblings were the cutest, I was glad to see him build a relationship with them and their attachment to him allowed him to show a different side of himself where he realized family was important to him.

Little Miss Ella shocked me, I wasn’t expecting her to be into BDSM and I damn sure didn’t expect Armand to submit to her but I loved how it correlated with Armand’s treatment. I wont lie the whole calling her sir was a bit weird for me. Ella had been through something’s and that poor baby needed a genuine love like her daddy and surprisingly Armand gave her that. This may be an unpopular opinion but I was glad she set boundaries with her mom and I agree until there was real change Ella didn’t need the toxicity in her life, her mother had put her through enough. I actually like how the situation was left, it was very relatable because sometimes you don’t get a resolution you just have to move on.

I always enjoy the appearances from the other McClains especially Unc he always gives us a good laugh. Alexandria House never fails us, this was another good read that I couldnt put down. 

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