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To Her Rescue by Dria Andersen 

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Celine’s grandfather died leaving the entire family inheritance to her but there is one stipulation, she must marry to get the inheritance. Being left with no other option to get his hands on his father in laws fortune Celine’s father is forcing her to marry so he puts the word out. Mason’s father sees an opportunity to expand his company and presents the idea of marriage to Mason, his father also sees the way Mason looks at Celine and sees this is also an opportunity for Mason to get what he had always wanted but was too busy working to pursue. After hearing about the position Celine’s father put her in Mason refuses to let someone else marry Celine so he agrees immediately to marry her. Now its Mason’s job to protect her against her bitter greedy family who was left with nothing. 

Listen this book was so good I could not put it down so I finished this in one sitting. Mason…Mason…Mason…the way that man agreed to marry Celine with little to no thought let me see how he was going to be with her. From their first interaction I could feel the chemistry between these two. The fact that they already knew each other and was secretly pining after each other made the story even better. I loved Celine’s shy introverted personality but baebay when anyone messed with Mason or threatened to take him from her sis let her Panther show and got real aggressive, she was not at all playing over that man. Celine’s family was out here doing the most for that money, I didn’t feel bad for anything that happened to them in the end.

Mason was so possessive but with a loving/caring approach and whew he was so affectionate with Celine, he did not care where he was he was going to show his woman affection. I loved that Mason had a little hood in him too, bro was nice and caring but mess with Celine and bro was gonna show you just how he got down. I also loved how Mason’s family took to Celine, his brother and father were just as protective of her as they were of Mason and even bonded with her in their own way. I’m not into older men but ummm Daddy Knight (Dallas) had me thinking I needed to reconsider my position on that because that man was 🔥 whew. I can’t wait to see where Dria takes Silas’ story, I can see already we are going to be in for a ride based off how this booked ended.

I enjoyed the progression of Celine and Mason’s relationship, I could feel their chemistry dripping from the pages and it was 🔥 reading about them trying to hold of till their wedding. This was my first shifter romance and I am now hooked. I am a lover of all things paranormal so whenever I see an author that gives paranormal black romance I jump on it and after I saw what this book was about I immediately went to amazon to download this ebook. This was a new to me author whose catalog I will be reading through very soon because I am hooked. 

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