Can’t Resist This Complicated Love by Kay Shanee

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Reese hasn’t found love since Jacori but she’s been keeping a secret from Jacori and once she confesses her secret she’s afraid he will never forgive her. Jacori was left heartbroken when Reese left him to go to school without even a goodbye but no matter how hard he tried over the last four years he cant get Reese off his mind, even when he finds out about Reese’s secret he cant stop the love he has for her making things more then a little complicated for Jacori and Reese.

And complicated it was, whew I don’t know who got on my nerves the most, Reese or Jacori. They both needed their asses beat. Like really Reese four years girl. Now I get Jacori was pissed he had every right to be, but bro took things to far, he wouldn’t let go but wouldn’t make a decision either and lawd poor Asha. I felt for the the third parties who weren’t getting the truth. Kay Shanee had me rooting for Reese and Jacori one minute then the next minute I wanted to knock some sense into both of them. Jacori was out here slingin’ the D, I mean bro wasn’t above using the D to prove his point. I wont even front the way Jacori was handling Reese sometimes was hot so I get why she gave in. This was my first read by Kay Shanee, I knew when I read a review on the read that this was a complicated love story I could get into. I loved how Kay Shanee weaved this complicated storyline into a HEA. And when the title says complicated it’s complicated complicated from the way they knew each other, Reese’s secret from not only Jacori but everyone else, to Jacori current situation whew Chilee. I would have liked to of read about Jacori owning up to the hurt he caused with all his lies but it didn’t take away from the story. I will be checking out more of Kay Shane’s work soon. 

Categories: Romance

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