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Feel Me In The Dark by Tucora Monique

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Genre: Urban Romance

Finley is a professional finesser but when some one in her small circle betrays her she is put in a life or death situation when arms dealer Preach get a hold of her. Luckily Preach is a good judge of character and decides not to kill Finley but instead let’s her go. Finley and Preach continue to cross paths a couple more times when Preach realizes maybe fate is trying to tell him something about Finley.

I wasn’t expecting this storyline, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It had a bit of a dark romance vibe seeing as Finley fell in love with her kidnapper and all but that’s what made their story so intriguing. What I liked the most was there were many layers to both Finley and Preach. Finley was a finesser by night but a stenographer by day who was struggling with issues with her health. Preach was the head of his families arsenal side of business but also had desires to step down from his families business, get his degree, and become an architect. I loved how compassionate Preach was when it came to Finley especially when it came to her health, the love and support he showed Finley was admirable. 

Not only do you get a good romance in this book but you get a little bit of kidnapping, torturing, murder, thievery, and betrayal. Tucora kept me fully engaged with everything going on in this book and Preach is definitely bae!!!

I recently came across Tucora Monique on IG so this was my first book I read of hers. I saw several post on this read for a little while so I am glad I finally got to this author on my TBR, I will certainly be checking out her catalog. 

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