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Take Me As I am by Bianca Xaviera

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Avian received the shock of her life when her husband of thirteen years puts her out of their home and told her he was divorcing her. To help start a new chapter in her life Avian’s friend convinces her to still go on her trip to Mexico that she had planned for her and her husband. While in Mexico Avian meets Case who she spends her week with feeling things she has never felt in her thirteen years of marriage. Case is all set to marry his high school sweetheart in Mexico, and while Case loves Kiami he has outgrown the toxicity in their relationship. Conflicted about his love for Kiami and his need to want to be accepted as the man he has grown into Case goes to Mexico where an unfortunate set of events lands Avian in his arms. Unable to deny the pull Avian has on his heart he spends everyday in Mexico with Avian warring with himself about telling Avian the real reason he is in Mexico because he knows he will lose the best thing that has happened to him.

While an easy low angst love story makes a good read, I love a romance that’s a little complicated because sometimes love is a little messy. Avian and Case’s journey to love was definitely complicated and full of drama. Bianca started us off with the drama and the Tyler Perry Angry Black Women vibes making me want to bust Marcellus upside his head for Avian, I mean bro was so foul and poor Avian was just broken but honey when she met Case sis came alive. Case toxic relationship had me wishing he had a sister or female cousin to go upside Kiame’s head one good time sis was crazy crazy. While Case went about him and Avian’s entanglement all wrong I could understand why he did what he did. Whew the way that man was chasing Avian down had me swooning, I loved his vulnerability when it came to his feelings for Avian, that man was willing to bare his soul to anyone who would listen over that woman and I was definitely here for it. In the end Case got his mind right and made the necessary moves to finally be happy. 

And chile be careful who you call your friends because babay when they want what you got they will do whatever it takes to get it. I knew something was up with that friend but whew…envy always rears its ugly little head in the end.

This was my first Bianca Xavier read, sis had me hooked from the first page so I will most definitely be checking out her catalog.

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