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Snow King Catches His Snowflake by A.E. Valdez

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

ARC Review!!!

Noelle had been in a relationship for the last three years and after her breakup her friends encourage her get away for the holidays. Noelle thinks she’s going to have a relaxing trip in the mountains alone, but she soon finds out her room has been double booked but her unexpected roommate is fine and in need of some holiday cheer. Snow lost someone he loved five years ago and every year since he has taken a trip to get away from the holiday cheer and sulk alone. This year though fate has other plans, and his unexpected housemate helps him open up to celebrating this holiday season. 

I am a big fan of the forced proximity trope, and this was such a sweet story. Noelle’s gentle and playful personality was the perfect match for Snow and his sullen mood. Noelle and her rambling was cute, I loved her for Snow. Snow was so stuck in a funk after his loss, but I was glad to see how easily it was for Noelle to bring out Snow’s softer playful side. I like how A.E. Valdez gave us grief from a man’s perspective, he wasn’t just closed and cold after his loss he was actually stuck in his feelings and had a hard time moving on, I enjoyed reading that perspective. This was a quick read, but the character development was still successfully executed. 

I loved Snow and his brothers Winter and North’s relationship. It’s always great to read about true brotherhood/sisterhood without any drama imbedded in a romance book especially a Christmas story. Noelle and Snow’s banter kept me laughing.  

This was my first A.E. Valdez read, I have had her previous books on my TBR for a while and can’t wait to read through her catalog because I enjoyed her writing style. I also enjoyed the secondary characters and I’m hoping we get a book on them as well especially Winter and Eve, I need more on them. 

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

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