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A Snowed In Love Affair by Shanel & Shay Davis

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Laken hasn’t been happy in her current relationship for a while and her fiancé Calen doesn’t seem to want to make the necessary changes to make her happy yet and still Laken was looking forward to their time at the cabin in the mountains with her family. Calen however has neglected Laken yet again leaving her to drive to her parents cabin alone. Laken’s trip doesn’t go as planned and she ends up stranded with a fine stranger who is making her feel things she hasn’t been feeling in a while. Devin had plans to spend his holiday drunk at his cabin in the mountains while sulking because he isn’t able to spend Christmas with his daughter. He never expected a beautiful stranger to land on his doorstep during the biggest snow storm of the year.

This was my first Christmas read this season and whew what a way to start! Devin and Laken come from two different worlds (Laken is a smart techie engaged to a f*** boy while Devin is in the streets trying to go legit and get custody of his daughter) trapped together during a snow storm. I was so here for Devin and Laken because I knew from jump Calen wasn’t s*** and didn’t deserve Laken. I was celebrating Laken getting her revenge on Calen. 

Poor Devin just wanted his daughter but his baby momma played a lot of games and used his poor daughter as a pawn, got to be more careful knocking up these hoodrats IJS, anyway old girl deserved everything coming to her grimy a**.

Laken and Devin together were 🔥, their instant attraction was felt through the pages. Devin was ready to give Laken what she was missing from jump and Laken couldn’t hold out too long, sis was eyeing Laken when he bought her into the house, Calen be damned. I loved how they took the necessary time to get their lives in order before they took their relationship to the next level. 

This was a great start to my holiday reads. I have read a few books by Shanel but this was my first Shay Davis read and it definitely will not be my last. Shanel and Shay Davis together made a feel good Christmas story that I thoroughly enjoyed. 

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