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A WinterCrest Valentine’s Kasanova & Dessi by Natisha Raynor

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Dessi gave up on love when she found out her ex was cheating on her for four years. Now Dessi’s focus is on raising her twin nieces. Kas just signed a record deal and is getting ready for his first tour. A relationship wasn’t in the plans for Kas, especially after his ex got pregnant by another man while they were together. However, Kas has trust issues but for some reason he feels like he can trust Dessi. Dessi on the other hand doesn’t know about a serious relationship with a rapper. Ransom and Indiana wanted to take things slow but since Christmas they have been hot and heavy until Ransom pulled away now Indiana isn’t sure she wants to proceed with their situationship.

This was a quick read that gave me just enough to want more. Dessi and Kas didn’t waste anytime bringing the heat. I like how chill Dessi was with their situationship but sis let Kas off way to easy for his stunt in the club. I would of liked to of seen Dessi deal with her depression. Kas seemed to be a good guy who was hurt by his ex, he just needed the right woman so he could let his guard down again. I wouldn’t mind getting a little follow up on this couple.

I loved the way Ransom and Indiana’s Christmas story ended so I was glad to read a little about their issues and how they were able to work through them to develop a relationship.

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